Bassmaster Classic 2011

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Bassmaster Classic 2011, Bassmasters Classic starting today. Some of the best fishermen will meet in New Orleans in Bayou Segnette State Park. The Classic starts today and the champion will be crowned Sunday, January 20. There are 50 classified in the classic, with six having won the previous tournament. These include: Kevin VanDam, Boyd Duckett, Skeet Reese, Paul Elias, Michael Iaconelli and Mark Davis.

Although many of these competitors are veterans, and 15 will be their first playoff BassMaster Classic hopes to conquer the waters of New Orleans. One of the great things about how this event was designed to meet the fishermen seemingly endless supply of sufficient information only for the fans. What better way to understand what is the ideal day to really feel that they are fishing. Wednesday night was the Red Carpet event, by invitation only, the competitors, and so the media provide further opportunities to discuss with professionals.

After several difficult days of practice, the benefits mediated talks Elite Prefish the period, offering predictions of what fans can expect on Day 1 of the tournament.

Each fisherman offered their views on how they feel the conditions will affect their plans once the tournament starts.

A strong favorite local Fishouflage Pro Greg Hackney believes that the big fish are. "The fishermen have to spend at least 16-18 pounds a day the title shot. Lots of the number of large fish are available, fishing is as good as ever. There are so many different places to fish in there for kids to travel two hours to reach the fish. You can also wait for the fishing spots to fish producers want to download the boat every day. "

"No matter where these kids go fishing, fishermen have to adapt to changing conditions," said the 2010 Classic champion Kevin VanDam champion. "At this time of year, fish are either in a winter and transition before the spawn, which ultimately will be determined by weather and time of the water. Some fishermen struggle Wills quality limit while others bang the fish they need to fight. "

Cooperation with the Classic this weekend BassMaster 2011 New Orleans, the boat Stratos Stratos appeal to all fans to visit its booth and receive a free limited edition gear.

Visitors are invited to visit the booth at the Outdoor Expo Stratos Bassmaster Classic to their choice of a label of Stratos, an exclusive t-shirt or poster with custom graphics and Stratos Pro Staff.

Stratos will accept donations of items to benefit the Louisiana Coastal Conservation Association and preserve fishing heritage of the state.