Pacquiao vs Margarito Time

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

The upcoming fight involving Antonio Margarito and Manny Pacquitiao which is set to air at 9 pm est on HBO pay-per-view live from Cowboys Stadium has been sparking conversations about the very apparent weight and height advantage which Margarito has over his next opponent. Pacquiao claims that he is not concerned about the size advantage that his opponent has over him, and he is very much looking forward to the fight. The total weight difference between the two is anywhere from fifteen to twenty pounds, a significant advantage that may just give Maragrito what he needs to win the upcoming match which has many fans excited.

By the time the fight starts, Maragarito is expected to be around 165 pounds, a very significant and noticeable difference compared to Pacquitao who is expected to weight not more than 147 pounds. He claims that he does not need the weight that his opponent has to win the match, a cocky proclamation which might prove to be true with all of the training and experience that he has working for him. Pacquitao’s coach claims that Margarito is a puncher and makes far too many mistakes to win the match that many people will be turning out to see in person because of the suspense that has been building up recently concerning the two fighters.

The Pacquiao vs Margarito time of live streaming in PPV channels will start at around 9:00 PM Easter Time (ET), 8:00 PM Central Time (CT), and 6:00 PM Pacific Time (PT). In Mexico, it will start at exactly 8:00 PM Mexico City Time. In the Philippines, the start of the game is at 10:00 AM on Sunday, November 14, 2010.