Holiday Gifts

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Do you have a big girl, a plus size woman on your holiday shopping list? Do you want to make her feel like a treasure with your holiday gift? Do you want to avoid “the size trap”?

I’ll bet she gives you mixed messages, “I need clothes!” “Don’t buy me any clothing!” This is because she is genuinely conflicted herself. She needs clothing but she knows you can’t pick flattering things for her. With this list you don’t have to go there.

Uplift her Image with Accessories
Every woman has jewelry on her holiday wish-list. Just make sure the size and impact of the piece, real or faux, is commensurate with her grand stature. Present a set of faux jewelry as a “tower of treats” - a stack of boxes, gradually increasing in size, each containing an item and then wrapped as a tower

Partner with another family member and coordinate small leather goods, wallet, eye glass case, key fob, umbrella, handbag or tote. Agree to a unifying influence among the goods, such as brass hardware, silver tone hardware, or coloration, so your lady has a coordinated set or accessories and feels like a lady.

Scarves are always appreciated; oblong, flat scarves will be more flattering. Choose a color scheme that brings vibrant, flattering color to the face. Fold a scarf by itself (no box or wrapping paper) and use a large pin or brooch as the bow – pin the gift tag with it.
Gloves, especially leather gloves, need to be purchased according to hand size – but they are well worth the effort, they can be so luxurious. Combine gloves and a scarf in a 3-dimensional, cylindrical “wine” container to really surprise her.