Christine O'Donnell on Halloween

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Bill Maher shared one final piece of Christine O'Donnell unintentional comedy footage Friday, just in time for Tuesday's midterm elections.

Maher's latest clip features the Delaware Senate candidate on an October 1999 episode of Politically Incorrect explaining why she doesn't celebrate Halloween.

"I don't celebrate Halloween because of what it means--because it is a Satanic holiday. It is a Pagan holiday. And while people are going around getting free candy other people are falling victims to human sacrifices and this like that. I mean, that's the reality of what's going on on Halloween."
 O'Donnell apparently reconsidered her views on Halloween within the next few years.  The gossip website Gawker features pictures of her in a "sexy ladybug" costume on Halloween 2007 accompanied by a tell all mini-memoir by a man who claims to have had a one night stand with the anti-masturbation Tea Party darling.

Bill Maher has been showing weekly clips of O'Donnell's bizarre statements during her 21 PI appearances on his HBO late night show Real Time all season long.  Maher's original O'Donnell clip, which featured the candidate proudly bragging that she had "dabbled in witchcraft" cause so much controversy that O'Donnell actually released a campaign ad that began: "I am not a witch."

The View shrews have been eating Christine O'Donnell alive during recent political hot topics segments.  Behar recently said that O'Donnell should turn any reporters giving her difficult questions into newts.  Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who usually backs any candidate with a conservative agenda, has refused to offer the candidate any support in the daily bitch sessions.