Michael Jackson died across the street from Elvis Presley's house : Lisa Marie

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Yet another stunning similarity between the King of Rock and Roll and the King of Pop: the house that Michael Jackson died in was across the street from Elvis Presley's former California home.

When Oprah interviewed Lisa Marie Presley on Thursday, Lisa Marie revealed how stunned she was to find out how close both the houses were to each other.

Michael Jackson died at 100 Carolwood Drive in Los Angeles, which sits right next to the border of Beverly Hills at the intersection of Monovale Drive. Jackson started renting the house in January 2009 in the Holmby Hills neighborhood while he prepared for his upcoming This Is It tour. The rent was reportedly $100,000 per month.

Elvis Presley owned the home at 144 Monovale Drive in Beverly Hills from 1970 to 1975. Lisa Marie spent a lot of time growing up there. "I had several birthdays there," she told Oprah.

After Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, Lisa Marie, who was in England at the time, returned to California and wanted to drive by the house where her ex-husband, Michael Jackson died. Lisa Marie's mother, Priscilla Presley, told her it was across the street from their former family home, but Lisa Marie didn't believe it, until she saw it for herself.

"What about the irony of that?" Oprah asked.

"I was completely... I don't even know how to describe that-- how that felt," Lisa Marie said. "I don't even know if he [Michael] knew."

"These things keep happening [the similarities between Michael and Elvis] in the universe. I'm trying to learn what it is I need to know," Lisa Marie continued.

Michael Jackson looked up to Elvis as one of the few solo performers Michael could relate to, who reached a similar level of worldwide fame. But Michael also worried about the negative aspects of fame that Elvis experienced.

"He was afraid that he was going to end up like my father," Lisa Marie explained. "He was always asking me about when he [Elvis] died and how it happened and when it happened and where. And he said, 'I feel like I'm going to end up the same way.'"

Lisa admitted that the last year and a half after Michael Jackson's death has helped her find clarity in her relationship/marriage with Michael Jackson: "I understand him more now than I ever did."

"I was very angry [when leaving the marriage]. I was so angry because we were so united and then he pushed me out," Lisa says, explaining that there came a point when Michael chose his drug addiction and various hangers-on over Lisa and the marriage. She said she didn't suspect Jackson's drug use until right before she filed for divorce.

Unfortunately, Michael predicted his own future, dying from a drug overdose while still in his prime, just like Elvis -- and in a house right across the street from The Presleys' former home, no less. As Lisa Marie, who was 9 years old when her father died, compared Michael's death to6441 Elvis Presley's: "...down to the play by play by play incident, it was identical."