New Model S of Tesla Ludicrous mode

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

While the electric car manufacturer Tesla world expected to deliver its next car, the X-model, CEO Elon Musk said Friday three new options for the business model of the electric car.

These include a number of the battery, a car lowest prices, and the "Absurd mode" for faster acceleration.

Drivers will be able to update its model S 85 kWh battery by a battery of 90 kilowatt hours. The new line will be expanded to increase the powerhouse 5%, totaling about 15 miles away from the beach.

The battery update, which costs $ 3000, are for new cars and as an upgrade for existing owners available. Musk said in the call that he did not recommend that customers who already acquire a Model S upgrades.

Musk told reporters that the battery is increased by improving the chemistry of the battery, not from a larger battery. Tesla configuration include more silicon in the anode of the battery, musk. A battery of two electrodes, one (positive) cathode and an anode (negative) and a support, called the electrolyte. By the circulation of the electrical load.

Tesla is a 70 kWh battery and a single motor with a low-end, $ 70,000 Model S is sold. Musk wrote in a statement about the price "$ 50,000 after incentives and save gas."

This option Tesla car far lower price. In recent years, Tesla Model 3, which supposedly to start at the expense of over $ 35,000 plans.

Finally, it is Tesla driver in 2.8 seconds from 0 to 60 miles per hour faster, that's how "ridiculous" the call model, S offers improved performance. $ 10,000 added in additional costs for the juice, 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds, which is standard, with an improvement of 10% compared to acceleration.

Tesla technology behind rapid acceleration of the movement is a smart way to against excessive current, who said a new and better battery backup it is to protect. New Tesla fuse and a small lithium-ion has its own electronic devices, and the system continuously monitors and power can be precisely cut.

Comedy Spaceballs "Of course there is a faster rate than ridiculous, but a car the next generation reserves four years. Cadres" regarding a blog post, Musk is irony I'm pretty sure.

Tesla he will deliver us to 55,000 cars this year, from July 2014 was more than two-thirds of his car Tesla Model S 21 537, sent less than half of the annual target.