Russell Wilson could not have imagined

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

The best man at FedEx Area was status in the returning area of the Dallas Seahawks' locker space, hanging by the trainers workplaces. Gm David Schneider then leaned against a desk, seemed down at the rug and shaken his go.

No, the man who selected Russell Wilson could not have thought such elegance from a qb selected to be a back-up said a cheerful Schneider moments after his Seahawks defeat the California Washington redskins 24-14 in the ultimate activity of wild-card few days.

"I'd be relaxing to you if I informed you that," said Schneider, whose group journeys to perform the NFC's top-seeded The atlanta area Falcons next Weekend.

So if the man who saw prospective success in an small qb from Wi couldn't estimate a period like Wilson's, who could? Yet in the Season of the Novice Quarterback, this fall of Phil Fortune and David Griffin III, it's Wilson who is remaining status in this postseason.

The gamer who was too brief and too slowly and too purposeful to cause all the predraft reveals, and stroll in a tie across the level at Stereo Town Songs Area was the one strolling to a bus Weekend evening with his period still in existence. Perhaps now the relax of the nation will lastly recognize just how excellent the qb in Dallas has become.

All three of the excellent rookie quarterbacks were enjoying on Weekend. They were all in the same condition, in arenas less than 50 kilometers apart. By beginning evening there was no question as to the best one in the 2010 playoffs.

Wilson ran quietly into the Seahawks' locker space dressed in the same chilly, serious look that never seems to keep his experience. He didn't trend to cameras or trend a No. 1 handy or run up to a troubles of correspondents as his recipient Doug Baldwin did and screamed: "Why y'all here? No terms need to be said!"
He basically did what he has done 11 other periods in this unlikely rookie year. He won.

When the Seahawks fell behind 14-0 and looked like they were going to be blown out, Wilson was calm. He told his teammates they were fine. He told them they could still win the game. In his mind, he kept saying it didn't matter who won the first quarter, it was the end of the game that was important.

When the Seahawks needed a drive, he led them on one. When the Seahawks needed a big pass completion, he made one. When the Seahawks were desperate for a first down, he ran for one. For the game, he had 187 yards passing and 67 rushing. These are not gaudy statistics, but what Wilson does is not gaudy. He manages to create victories.

"Unassuming," is the word Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon used to describe Wilson as he stood in a hallway outside the Seahawks' locker room. But there is something more, Moon added, something that's hard to find in any quarterback let alone one in his first NFL season.

"He has confidence," Moon said. "He's been like that since day one."