Possible Cyber Attack in Citizens Bank

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Possible Cyber Attack in Citizens Bank
Add Citizens Bank institution to the list of financial organizations whose online financial websites are tough to accessibility, People authorities verified on Saturday.

“Our web page has experienced short-term interruptions due to an uncommonly high volume of Internet traffic, just like interruptions that have affected other U.S. financial organizations, ” Sylvia Bronner, People Financial institution representative, said in a declaration to KDKA money manager Jon Delano.

This problem of getting on the internet at People Financial institution is very just like one that affected PNC Financial institution several weeks ago.

There, a Middle Southern group stated they wanted to stop accessibility on the internet to financial organizations because of their arguments to stated anti-Muslim videotapes on YouTube.

Citizens Bank would not validate that the al-Qassam Online Competitors had targeted them, too. But Carnegie Mellon School lecturer Eileen Cruz, an expert on cyber marketing, says the techniques are the same.

“They’re trying to imagine to be actual customers obtaining the web page, and if you send enough of those demands, the web page does not know which are the actual customers and which are the bogus customers, and the actual customers cannot get accessibility,” said Cruz.

It’s called DDOS or allocated refusal of assistance.

“The allocated means there are multiple computers all delivering demands to the same assistance. And the refusal of assistance shows the fact that the goal is to keep genuine customers from being able to accessibility the computer,” added Cruz.

Smith says it’s easy for cyber terrorists to do, but can also be minimized by banks; and while customer information is not compromised, studies show, “If I can’t get access to a bank immediately, I’m going to go someplace else, or I could go someplace else, which is bad for business.”