Justin Bieber Smoking Weed

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Justin Bieber Smoking Weed
What were you doing when you were 18? Looks as if Bieber Bieber has been getting his celebration on.

Justin Bieber was captured last Wed at a hotel-room celebration in Cardiff Seaside having what seems to be a weed smoke while seated with other partyers and a number of vacant alcohol containers.

The images, taken in the use of protection and acquired by TMZ over the few days, display the Biebs having a laugh and communicating with the illuminated dull between his fingertips.

Sources at the celebration informed the website that artist Lil Perspective and his sibling were moving the blunts. The day before the images were taken, Perspective was drawn over while generating Bieber's Mercedes, and independent photographer Frank Guerra, who was trying to click images of the visitors quit, was murdered while traversing Sepulveda Blvd.

Guerra, TMZ said, made a trip soon before his loss of life informing a buddy he was assured Bieber was cigarette smoking pot behind the rim — he allegedly believed he was in desire of a hot tale. Bieber was not in the car when it was drawn over around 6 p.m. on New Seasons Day, and resources near to the pop celebrity was adament that Guerra was wrong.

Are you stunned by the pictures? Or is this just a "kids being kids" situation?