Johnny Manziel was during the Cotton Bowl

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

As amazing as Florida A&M qb Johnny Manziel was during the Pure cotton Dish and there haven't been many more amazing bowl activities provided that they've been enjoying nfl and higher education soccer he was just as excellent subsequently.
While we know fairly much everything we need to know about Johnny Manziel as a qb, we don't know much about Manziel off the area yet. He wasn't permitted to talk with the press for most of the period because of trainer Kevin Sumlin's strategy on freshmen. He's fancy on the area and has the appealing Ashton Football handle, so maybe there's a idea that he's smart off the area.

All I can tell you about Johnny Manziel is this: He managed himself as well as any qb could in the publish activity press discussions following Florida A&M's 41-13 win over Ok. He deflected all clues of compliment while keeping a assured element, which isn't simple to take off. That is especially amazing considering how much popularity was added on him before he converted 20 decades of age less than monthly ago.

The first beginner Heisman Award champion, who did prevents on "The Delayed Display with Bob Letterman" and "The This evening Show" in the last 30 days, didn't take any credit score for the 229 hurrying metres or 287 moving metres he had. The Pure cotton Dish record of 516 metres was all due to his unpleasant range. The strategy. The elderly people on the group.

"I know for me, without them, none of my achievements this period would have been possible," Manziel said of the elderly people.

The activity he performed was amazing. He defeat the FBS record for hurrying metres by a qb in a bowl activity by 28 metres. Oh, and he approved the basketball better than Ok version Landry Jackson, the first gamer in FBS record with at least 3,000 metres and 26 touchdowns in each of his four periods. When Manziel hit Uzoma Nwachukwu for a 34-yard landing with 9:03 staying in it all one fourth, he was 13-of-17 for 212 metres in 20:57 of activity activity in the second 50 percent. That's approximately a 600-yard speed over 60 moments. And this was against the co-Big 12 champs, not some FCS patsy on a Weekend in Sept.

When requested if Manziel was as excellent as any higher education qb he had gone against, Ok trainer Bob Stoops responded to easily, "Absolutely." He mentioned enjoying one protection strong, something the Sooners didn't do much before the Pure cotton Dish, Manziel said, and getting burnt off, then enjoying two safeties strong and getting burnt off another way.

Did Manziel think it was his best game?
"It was our best group unpleasant (game)," Manziel said. "The group and trainers put me in excellent circumstances to be effective."

He mentioned getting better this offseason, getting in the training, going out to Florida to once again perform with quarterbacks expert Henry Whitfield, who has proved helpful with Cam Newton and Phil Fortune. He mentioned how he needs to enhance his basic principles as a passer, like research.
"Throwing less paintballs off your returning feet - even though it may perform out, do it right," Manziel said. "Get better."

Then he was requested about Florida A&M's possibilities of being a nationwide headline competitor next period, considering the Aggies should be a top five preseason choose. It's an simple query that could be responded to easily, but Manziel got serious.

"It depends how hard people want to work in the offseason," Manziel said. "I'm going to call the people who are left and say, 'How bad do we want this? Do we want to be preseason hype and not back it up, or do we really want to come out and grind in the summer when people don't want to come?'"
Manziel is looking you right in the eye now.

"When you have class in the morning and you don't want to go to 7-on-7 in the afternoon, you don't want to wake up at 6:30 and lift, you don't want to do some of these things, that's going to be big for this team," Manziel said. "If you want to put in the work, the sky is the limit for this team."
He is barely 20 years old but carries himself with the poise of a NFL starter. It's impressive.