Taylor Swift

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Keep it to Taylor Swift to do something as completely organized out as launching her newest songs video video, "I Noticed You Were Problems," on her wedding. What creates it even more gratifying is the point that it happens to be the discharge of her Twenty third songs video video losing on her Twenty third wedding.

Except she type of didn't recognize it all exercised like that until now.

"It's like a fantastic video video wedding. I pointed out that like five moments ago when someone informed me and now I'm all thrilled about it," she informed MTV Information during the newest show of "MTV First." "I can't believe it covered up like that."

Taylor Swift Gets A Golden World Nod For Her Birthday! And, among all her video clips she is decreased so far over the course of her profession, this newest video video is her preferred. And, her description for she likes it so much, also functions as a kind of Coves Notices as to what goes down in the Anthony Mandler-directed video.

"I think that this video video is my preferred right now just because I've never had video clips video that was so action-packed, where it's like 'Oh my god! They're battling, now they're in a resort and now he's like getting a body art, and now like there's a talk, and then there's a show and he's getting another lady and there's all this things going on. It's crazy, like he's generating. Discomfort he status up and driving?' It's just like fast-moving, just like the music," she said, also displaying really like to her bad boy co-star Reeve Carney. "And I think the acting professional who unquestionably guy in it video, Reeve Carney, is like one of the most awesome, skilled individuals I've gotten to be around."

Taylor Swift's Top 5 Minutes of 2012!

While the a little bit NSFW story may surprise some Swifties, others might discover her popped, pink-tipped locks similarly edgy. "I was dressed in a wig, really. It was just type of like, I sensed like I was really getting into a personality," she said. "Like I actually got to experience like I was this different lady, who was drawn into this different story, and with the light red locks and everything, I sensed like it really type of revealed how she modified."