Chad Ochocinco dropping his job

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

That Chad Ochocinco, launched last night by the New Britain Patriots [team stats], modified his Tweets information after getting the news. It now reads: “UNEMPLOYED BLACK GUY.” Ya have to appreciate the person's spontaneity

Keep it to Chad Ochocinco to discover spontaneity in dropping his job.

The expert large device was launched by the New Britain Patriots on Friday after a bad period that saw him on the side lines more than on the area. But the bad information didn't avoid the former truth display celebrity from remaining good about becoming a no cost broker.

"Thoroughly experienced the oppurtunity to perform for the 'Patriot' organization… lovers were … powerful amazing, I wish all of you the best,” tweeted Ochocinco, who modified his job information on Tweets to "UNEMPLOYED BLACK GUY." wade davis

Of course the concern is, will Ochocinco's job information modify before the begin of the season?

His broker, Attracted Rosenhaus, says he's trying to determine which groups may be considering the six-time Pro Bowler, who was restricted to 15 grabs and 276 gardens in 15 games with the Patriots last period.

It doesn't appear Ochocino has obtained the stage of apathy among NFL common professionals that former Rosenhaus customer Terrell Owens has obtained, but his leads do not look too ensuring.

What do you think? Will an NFL gm take a opportunity on deciding upon a gamer known more for going his oral cavity than going the stores, or has Ochocinco hit the end of his NFL career?