Ann Curry quit from NBC

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Ann Curry and NBC are discussing her quit from "Today" and the hang-up is cash ...  resources linked with the system tell TMZ.

Our resources say Savannah Guthrie has already created her cope with the system to be successful Ann as co-anchor of "Today," but the catch is the cash Ann will get.

As we first revealed, Ann gets $10 thousand a season. She is one season into a 3-year agreement, and from what we're listening to NBC does not want to pay her $20 thousand for the stability of the agreement.

Sources tell us Ann wants the complete $20 mil and her quit documents. NBC wants to pay her $10 mil and provides her a international reporter job. And therein can be found the hang-up.

The system could pay her the $20 mil and then prevent her from operating anywhere else for 2 decades.  But we're informed they don't want to invest that type of money, so Ann's attorney and NBC are bargaining.

NBC wants to create the change easily ... certainly before the Olympic games so they can display Savannah. We're listening to the objective is to create the statement overdue this 7 days or beginning next.