Junior Seau Death

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

The loss of life of renowned linebacker Junior Seau, as sad as it is for many, is nothing new for the staying associates of the 1994 San Paul Battery rechargers.

Seau, who was discovered deceased Thursday of an obvious destruction, is now the 9th gamer of that team to die.

The 1994 Battery rechargers, a list of gritty overachievers, are the only version of the team to create the Extremely Dish. But instead of that accomplishment being the crew's history, many are thinking about the sequence of freakish fatalities that have haunted the AFC tournament team.

"Not again," former Battery rechargers operating returning Natrone Indicates informed the San Paul Union-Tribune after one of the fatalities in 2008. "It's insane, just insane, that we've had so many folks who have decreased. I can't create any feeling of it. I've given up trying. You just wish you stop getting these unique information out of nowhere that another team mate has approved away."

- In 1995, about five months after the Chargers lost to the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl, linebacker David Griggs died in a car crash. He was 28.

- In May 1996, running back Rodney Culver died in a plane crash. He was 26.

- In July 1998, linebacker Doug Miller died after being struck by lightning while camping. He was 28.

- In May 2008, center Curtis Whitley was found dead of a drug overdose. He was 39.

- In October 2008, defensive end Chris Mims died of complications from an enlarged heart. He was 38.

- In February 2011, defensive tackle Shawn Lee died of a heart attack. He was 44.

- In December, linebacker Lew Bush died of a heart attack. He was 42.

Then Thursday disaster hit that group and the NFL group again when Seau was discovered deceased in a bed room of his Oceanside, Florida, house. A gun was discovered near his system. He was 43.

His crestfallen mom sobbed fully as she talked outside the property just two time after cops were known as there Thursday.

"I hope to God, 'Take me; take me; keep my son,' but it's too overdue," Luisa Seau said.

Bobby Ross, who trained the Battery rechargers during the 1994 period, was one of the many feelings of loss after the information of Seau's loss of life.

"Junior, to me, was the perfect example of what a baseball gamer was," Ross said. "Tremendous group gamer. Remarkable innovator. Remarkable innovator on our baseball group."

Ross has said Seau was the center of that 1994 group. The Battery rechargers stunned the baseball community by defeating the Pittsburgh Pittsburgh steelers in the AFC Tournament Activity to get to the Extremely Dish. That period the Charger's immunity was led by Seau's team-leading 124 discusses.

In an appointment Thursday with CNN online WTVR, Ross said he did not want to take a position if psychological wellness problems or other concerns could have triggered the sequence of fatalities for his former gamers.

He just desired to discuss Seau.

"I'm completely stunned and very, very saddened by the whole factor," Ross said.