Brady Quinn Sacred War

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Before we get too amped up about a prospective Tim Tebow/Brady Quinn sacred war, it's value nothing the two Broncos quarterbacks might actually like each other.

Quinn and Tebow were in the information Wednesday when crucial feedback Quinn created about Tebow in an appointment with GQ journal hit the Online. Quinn later said he was misconstrued in the tale.

Former Higher education of Co qb Tyler Hansen was amazed to understand of the growing disputes. After all, Hansen performs out several periods per weeks time with the two QBs, who are assisting him make for CU's pro day next 30 days.

"They're really helpful," Hansen said, according to The Day-to-day Camera. "They have an experienced connection and they're really awesome. Both those folks are excellent folks. I think every individual they fulfill and discuss to they're going to be standup folks."

All three quarterbacks have been operating out in Colorado with recommended instructor Loren Landow. Hansen wasn't welcomed to the trying to find incorporate, but he said utilizing Tebow and Quinn has increased his assurance.

"There is no uncertainty between them," Hansen said of the two QBs. "I think they have an excellent connection. That's what it seems like to me."

Hansen's feedback are in phase with Quinn's Tweets self-defense on Wednesday. It certainly gives support to the opportunity GQ just occurred to get Quinn on a bad day.

Well, not bad for GQ, of course.