Boston Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Tim Thomas
Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas says he just didn't go to the White House wedding with Chief executive Barack Administration enjoying the team for its 2011 Stanley Cup Title because he considers the administration “has grown out of control” and intends privileges and rights.

Thomas said on his Myspace page Wednesday night he was training his privileges. He said it was not “about nation-wide politics or party,” and he places blame both governmental events.

The expert goaltender assisted lead the Bruins to their 6th Stanley Cup and was MVP of last season's 2010 nfl playoffs. He was among the gamers Administration designated for reward during the wedding.

The Bruins said later they’re disappointed Thomas didn’t attend “a great day”, and his views don’t reflect those of the team owners or organization.

Thomas, a Michigan native, played at the University of Vermont.