Five Iron Frenzy

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Five Iron Frenzy
Many in the past I was looking through my Papa's old audio selection, looking for something new to pay attention to, and came across a few CDs by a group known as Five Metal Madness. Now, I have to be genuine here and acknowledge that the only reason I determined to pay attention to the audio was because the project art was wonderful. (It was a moving software, why examine you pay attention to the album!?)

From when I observed the first tune I was entranced. The monitor ‘My Wicked Plan to Spend less the World’, is on the top of my most performed collection on iTunes. I believed the relax of the CD and could not quit looking for more and more. Since then I have believed every individual Five Metal Madness tune and craved their substance, only to find that the group split up in 2003. I was gutted to say the least. I have rarely gone more than a several several weeks without enjoying them for a while and their audio make me as pleased as they did when I first found them.

Not too long ago some exciting reports started to appear on the companies tweets internet site. The internet site guaranteed an exciting statement to be made on Nov 22, exactly eight years after the companies remaining display. The common agreement on the internet was that the group was getting back together, and real to kind, Five Metal Madness do not let down.

On Wednesday, after eight years apart, the group declared a new project and introduced a new tune for the first time eight years. Of course, nothing is ideal and the simple reality is, Five Metal Madness do not has a brand. Therefore that the group would have to advance the whole project themselves, something that is obviously absolutely unfeasible. So they arrived at out the lovers.

They designed a internet site on, with the objective of getting $30 000 money for the of their new project, due to be introduced in 2013. Reese Roper, the cause artist of the group, placed on the internet site that he imagined that it would take about six several weeks for the group to hit their $30 000 focus on.

They hit $30 000 in 55 mins, and the contributions kept returning. As I’m composing, less than two times after the internet site went stay, the contributions are on the edge of $100 000 with 58 times to go. To put this in situation, the best ever gift complete for a group on is just over $135 000.
The group have said that they are really pleased and humbled by the wedding celebration that they have got and Leanor “Jeff the Gurl” Ortega, one of the companies major people, has guaranteed to start the band’s PO Box again.

And the tune that they introduced with their announcement? Despite the truth that it was available for obtain free (before their web server dead from the traffic), it is already their most obtained monitor on iTunes.