Dancing With The Stars J.R. Martinez

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Last week The united states cheered as actual lifestyle leading man J.R. Martinez won the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ finish. Additionally up next for the enthusiast made acting professional made moving champ? He will be co-hosting ‘CNN Individuals,’ an yearly particular that features the amazing those who operate as heroes daily.

Martinez, along with Anderson Cooper, will have some star help for the particular. The Dark-colored Eyed Peas’ will.i.am, Christy Turlington Uses up and NFL person Kurt Warner will tell the accounts of each of the ten known as heroes.

‘CNN Heroes’ will air on November Eleventh, but to get a bit of J.R. earlier, you can track in on Christmas evening to see the seasoned along with Rainn Wilson, Henry Lopez and more all dealing with how they have been encouraged by earlier heroes. The particular is known as, ‘CNN Heroes: Where Are They Now?’

It’s fitting that Martinez would co-host such an event. While serving as a soldier in Iraq in 2003, he sustained severe burns over 40% of his body. Since then, he has become active in the burn community. He serves on the board of the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors and even filmed a PSA for them along with fellow burn survivor Jenna Bullen. Check it out below.