Phoenix Jones Attacked Several People

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Say what you will of so-called "super-hero real life" to the slightly ridiculous that they are nothing more than misguided in goofballs ugly Halloween costumes Express, but they know how to get some press. They do this even when not all the Take RLSH Seattle, "Phoenix Jones." Early Sunday morning, Jones was arrested after he allegedly attacked several people with pepper spray. Jones says he was just trying to break up a street fight, and used the spray only after being attacked himself. Joining Jones in the fatal "patrol" was Krul tea Milwaukee, a local promoter RLSH movement, and the author of a forthcoming book on the subject. Krul was interviewed by MSNBC. com on this incident, and said in an interview that Jones was only protecting his fellow citizens:

“Six or seven guys were beating up two other guys,” Krulos said, adding he heard “loud, aggressive noises.” One victim was thrown to the ground and kicked in the ribs. “Two other guys were wrestling with each other but not in a playful way—and people were screaming.”

“Nobody was dancing, it was not ambiguous, there was definitely fighting,” he said.

I don’t really condone or condemn Phoenix Jones’ tactics. However, the reports circulating about him are completely untrue. The police report was based on the word of the people attacking two people who fled the scene. The media, in turn, began to report this as fact and began reporting that Jones had snuck up on a group of people “dancing.”

Trust me, Tea Krulos knows a dance party when he sees one, and that was not a dance party. As we were approaching the group we saw one guy slam another guy on the ground and begin to kick him and two other guys were grappling each other. Phoenix Jones ran into the group and told the guys to back up. When they didn’t, he sprayed them with a high octane pepper spray. Things got pretty chaotic from there. Someone hit another person with a car, one of the girlfriends of the attackers began to hit Jones with her high heel shoe—I even got punched in the face by a Russian dude while I was calling 911, Ryan also got thrown into a wall. The Russian dudes also got in their escalade and tried to run Jones down at one point.

When the cops showed up, one of them was pretty pissed off and not at all happy to see Mr. Jones. An officer read me, Phoenix and Ryan our Miranda rights, but after he found out me and Ryan were media he told us to get out of there—didn’t take statements. They detained Jones and kept him over night, released him but confiscated his “super suit” as he calls it. He will appear in court later in the week.