First Job Theo Epstein

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

In his first job as general manager Theo Epstein helped build the team the Boston Red Sox ended decades of misery by winning a World Series title in 2004. Epstein now approaching an agreement to acquire the Chicago Cubs, a franchise with a legacy more lasting horror.

Epstein is nearing completion of its transition from Cubs to Red Sox, an official of the Red Sox who got a request of anonymity because the move had not been announced. Another official said the Red Sox Epstein had not informed its employees in a row, but the front office is generally expected to leave.

Several reports have said Epstein signed a five-year agreement in place with young people, with an average annual $ 3 million to 4 million. Because Epstein signed with the Red Sox in 2012, the teams must agree on how the Cubs would compensate for the Red Sox.

Epstein probably higher against the care manager in baseball in general, although his official title with the Cubs could become President. Assistant Epstein, Ben Cherington, is the favorite for the post of general manager of the Red Sox.

Epstein, 37, would leave the Red Sox in a dangerous point. The team is coming off one of the worst collapses in major league history, losing the American League wild-card spot despite leading Tampa Bay with nine games on Sept. 2. It caused the departure of manager Terry Francona, who resigned Sept. 30 reference, in part, a lack of support from the property.