Residential College Of Kinesiology Majors

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

This is the residential college of kinesiology majors, but you can just say it's "Rockin '". Six floors to Place de Taylor, RCKIN is a home for students to study kinesiology. The program is designed to help students make the most of their first year at ASU.

Residential college program, his first year, was to create a Community-oriented health students, said student Sarah Christenson Support Specialist.

"(The program is designed) to help facilitate the university foundation and create social relationships so that students will be happy to graduate, as of late, and ultimately learn about what they will do as professionals the future health, "said Christenson.

RCKIN is part of the efforts of the kinesiology program in recent years to better prepare students for higher education. Most joined the School of Nursing and Health Innovation in 2010 and moved to the downtown campus this year.

Last year kinesiology major found his new home in the School of Nutrition and Health Promotion Downtown and joined the College of Nursing and Healthcare Innovation. Freshmen started taking courses on the downtown campus this year.

"The residential community allows us to foster a sense of cohesion," said Professor of Kinesiology Tannah Broman.

RCKIN is similar to many residential communities and on campus, as Cronkite Village and Barrett, the Honors College, which provides its residents with a network of support.

Freshman student and resident of Kinesiology RCKIN Alexa LeMay said he already knew the advantages of living on the floor.

"I always have someone to go," she said. "It's a pleasant environment, and I know that I support the school."

While targeting kinesiology majors RCKIN, a residential college is also home to students in other health-related majors. Exercise and well-being as well as students in pre-health sciences are among them.

Freshman Steven Vaughn, exercise and well-being of students were thrown into the residential college. He said he did not know if he even belonged to a residential college, but he said, be a part of it was fun.

"Everyone is outgoing and friendly," he said. "People are really connected, watching movies and going out. I really enjoyed it."