Andy Whitfield Spartacus Had Succumbed To Cancer

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Starz released a statement Sunday in response to the tragic news that the old Andy Whitfield Spartacus had succumbed to cancer.

"Are deeply saddened us some of the experts of our dear colleague, Andy Whitfield," the president declare a Starz CEO Chris Albrecht. "We were lucky to HAVE Worked with Andy dance Spartacus A winter in Quebec know The Man Who Played a champion on the screen a Summer aussi a champion in his own life. Andy was a source of inspiration A All for us, as he faced with a fait This very personal fight with courage, strength and grace. N Pensee our prayers are with his family pendant this difficult period. He will live In the Heart of His family, friends a the fans. "

"Words can not express the depth of such a loss. You will be greatly missed, my brother," said creator Steven DeKnight Spartacus on Twitter.

The actor of 39 years died of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma of the UN in Sydney, Australia one. The native of Wales, one was diagnosed 18 months ago Just prepare for the second season they Spartacus. Although ICA Summer Relative unknown Quandt The show will begin a, a performance that Whitfield was so strong an iconic Quebec production on Season Two was stopped against an environment-one in a UN interim Donner pour Whitfield time to recover from the disease. EC Pendant time, the producers of a prequel series in March they called gods of the Arena, not the actor. A brief it seemed Whitfield would it - Summer is a Authorized to begin work on Season Two an a fait Appearance A triumphant return to Comic-Con. Corn Whitfield soon relapsed. Faced with the decision to cancel the e is the series redesign, a Starz Ontario Farmers OPTS hiring newcomers to Liam McIntyre pour rolle principal with The Blessing of Whitfield.

Whitfield performance in the first season of Spartacus is still a testament to his talent. He was able to project these furious attacks and vulnerability intense, often simultaneously. Although we never get to see what other roles could have taken Whitfield, is less than a viral YouTube hit, Whitfield shot after he was diagnosed, illustrating another facet of the actor in a live action parody of the crisis of the time video games.
Andy Whitfield Spartacus had succumbed to cancer