West Memphis 3 (three)

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

The parents of murdered eight years, the victim Steven Branch, Junior is to meet new men convicted of killing his son and two others could be released Friday. But Steven Branch, Senior and his former wife Pamela Hobbs feel differently about the news.

Steven Branch, says a reliable source told him to justice the killers, known as the West Memphis 3, in exchange for free admission to their role in 1993 were killed.

"I think that kind of sad day it is justice that will allow some convicted child murderers to be released by simply admitting that they killed the child," said Branch. "If the legal system allows, it will open the door for every convicted murderer on death row for a chance to say" yes, I killed him "and be free," he added.

Management says that although large in the debate that the West Memphis 3 are really guilty, argues that the jury found the right people.

"I truly believe that there are three, and just because celebrities like Johnny Depp or whoever is on their side and are supported a little money now and in the high-powered lawyer who does not make them innocent," Branch said. "There should be a joke to this, but they are not going to silence me. They put me in jail if they want, but I'm going to stay in jail my son's rights," Branch added.

The boy's mother, Pam Hobbs, do not share the same determination, and changed his mind about the killers in the past 18 years.

"I felt that these three men were guilty, and they did. Now I'm a bit 'confused about things that have come over the years, whether it's really a crime, or if they are innocent," said Hobbs. "It 'a horrible nightmare that I live day by day, and I want to rest, and I want my son to rest," he said.