National Grid Storm Irene Moved To Western

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

According to Bloomberg reports, tropical storm Irene moved to western Connecticut after killing 11 people, eliminating the power of over 4 million customers in 12 states and sending rivers near record levels.

Heavy Rain from Tropical Storm Irene arrived in the past, Rhode Island on Sunday, the removal of trees and power lines. A total of approximately 155 000 customers, National Grid, the electricity supplier of state, was without electricity.

According to the U.S. Today, National Grid spokeswoman Debbie Drew the company is "working hard" to restore service to customers, but it could take hours or days, until the whole world electricity is restored. National Grid has 477,000 customers in Rhode Island.

Other states are also close to the atmosphere by rain and wind.

the storm has not arrived and it's always important to be careful, "said Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

The New York Times reports that about 21,000 people in Philadelphia were without power Sunday morning, Mark McDonald, a spokesman for Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia said, more than 300,000 in the metropolitan area.

It is estimated that 165 trees were in the city, and only 6 had been removed until Sunday morning.

"The mayor’s message is, please stay home," he said. "There’s a lot of water on the ground and trees down that will turn many of the streets of the city into a difficult proposition in terms of driving around."

As clean-up and recovery continues in North Carolina and states further south and Irene begins to wind down, the next step is crucial.

Hurricane season is not over yet, with Tropical Storm Jose coming into existence seemingly out of nowhere, although reports suggest it will dissipate by tomorrow.

Irene contributed to at least 10 deaths in four states. Preparation and warnings came early and often as Irene headed toward the east coast of America. The worst of the storm may be over, but there are still dangers of flooding so it is important to stay up to date with information coming from your local officials. National Grid Storm Irene Moved To Western