Brittany Murphy Movie Has Never Been Predictable

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Brittany Murphy movie has never been predictable, because it has chosen a variety of roles. His untimely death in 2009 was a shock, and sad time for many, but he lives through his films. Whether it was a drama or a comedy role, Brittany Murphy brought a spark of every character he played. His film showed how versatile an actress and she was really, and although his career has been up and down, he still managed to make some movie classics.

"Clueless" The first popular Brittany Murphy movie was "Clueless," which was released in 1995. Brittany Murphy stars as Tai Fraiser, the unpopular new girl at a rich high school. A popular girl named Cher takes it upon herself to make over the ugly duckling Tai, and with the help of her best friend Dionne they turn Tai into a hot commodity. This Brittany Murphy movie revolves mainly around the dynamics of high school popularity, friendship, and love.

"Little Black Book" This 2004 romantic comedy stars Brittany Murphy as lead character Stacy, a girl who works as an associate producer for a daytime talk show. Her boyfriend Derek goes on a business trip and leaves his digital organizer at home. Even though Stacy trusts him, she takes it upon herself to snoop through it. She gets the names and numbers of Derek's ex-girlfriends and meets them under false pretenses. The rest of the story revolves around Stacy meeting up with her boyfriend's ex's, and the awkward situations she gets into. This Brittany Murphy movie is cute, and fun to watch alone or with someone.

"8 Mile" In 2002 Brittany Murphy stars as Alex, a girl who has a thing for hooking up with musicians. The movie "8 Mile" is about aspiring hip-hop artist Jimmy Smith Jr. (Eminem) and his up and coming career. While working at a factory he meets Alex, and the two become romantically involved. The plot primarily revolves around Jimmy and his ability to overcome stage fright and the odds of breaking into mainstream hip-hop. This Brittany Murphy movie was commercially and critically successful.

"Uptown Girls" This 2003 family comedy movie stars Brittany Murphy as Molly Gunn, the daughter of a deceased famous musician. She had been living large, and throughout her entire life she never had to work. Suddenly, a trusted employee steals her money and she is left to fend for herself. This Brittany Murphy movie focuses on her character Molly Gunn taking a nanny job, and the dynamics between her and the little girl she is in charge of.

"Deadline" This Brittany Murphy movie was the last one released before her death in 2009. The movie is a horror-thiriller starring Brittany Murphy as the main character. She portrays Alice, a writer who becomes emotionally fragile due to her ex-boyfriend attempting to kill her. She is a writer, and in order to try and cure writers block she stays at a cabin alone. The movie revolves around Alice slowly becoming unraveled as she watches home video tapes of a destructive couple who previously occupied the cabin. This Britney Murphy movie has a great twist ending