Still Far From Donovan McNabb

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

The Philadelphia Eagles are still far from Donovan McNabb (notes) era, with the help of Michael Vick (notes). Of course, if the Eagles have never been so close to the Super Bowl, as we did with McNabb maybe we the fans of Philadelphia will begin to forgive him for never winning one. But before he can be properly worshiped by Philly, he has to endure the severe end and the decline of his career first and the only hope to soften the blow may be to land in Minnesota.

But according to Jay Glazer, McNabb will finally play the Minnesota Vikings when the Washington Redskins face over for him. If this happens, it will eventually # 5 out of Washington and the NFC East in general and give him a clean slate at the end. With a new home, and with a team that has more to offer, he could stop his career freefall.

In truth, the Eagles have done a favor and send McNabb to the Vikings last season. It would have been a much better fit that Washington turned out to be, when Minnesota came out a year when he finished second in the Super Bowl. Of course, because the Vikings were taken hostage by the Brett Favre would not risk pulling the trigger, and condemned to purgatory McNabb in Washington.

Favre has left a lot of collateral damage to its reputation, and finally to the Vikings at the end of his career, and extend it to McNabb as a result. Now he and Minnesota is in rebuilding mode, when the Vikings come after a year when Brad Childress was fired, the Metrodome collapsed, and everything that could go wrong went wrong. Therefore, if McNabb heads now, will have expectations and hopes for him and the Vikings are much lower.

But now that Minnesota can move from Favre circus, circus and Childress, the Vikings might be ready to move forward. They still have Adrian Peterson, who is supposed to be their main weapon, and the most dangerous running back in the NFL. As such, the Vikings went with Favre make him the center of their attack again, and McNabb will not throw 50 passes a game like he did in Philadelphia. But old habits die hard for him, although it should not be.

If McNabb can adapt to a lighter workload in Minnesota, and let Peterson do the rest, while the Vikings can get back to respectability again. However, their window of opportunity may have closed a bit, as the rival Green Bay Packers are the defending champions, and bring to the class of the NFC for a while. With the Packers firmly in control of the NFC North, the likes of the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons in the South and the Titans usual in the East, the Vikings a Super Bowl long shot, no matter leads .

Only one way to Super Bowl victory redeem McNabb, although it is too late to save him from Philadelphia currently. In fact, we Eagles fans probably more upset at him if he got a ring because he could not do when he was young and had so many chances to Philly. But in all other aspects, it would be a relief to see him pull a John Elway and save his legacy in the last minute.

There is no way he can do in Washington, and there are few others who want to take a chance with him as a result. But if McNabb can return to glory for that matter, in Minnesota is probably his best chance. Therefore, as the Eagles need to send Kevin Kolb to the Arizona Cardinals and let go to better things, the Redskins be charitable and give his best McNabb responded with the Vikings. because it seems they do.