Plaxico Burress Visited His Other Former NFL Team

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

After the meeting last night met with Giants coach Tom Coughlin, who describes the consequences of the "positive" (which is about as surprising as any NFL player cut was later described as "successful"), the receiver Plaxico Burress visited his other former NFL team - the Steelers.

In Beaver County Times, meeting with coach Mike Tomlin Burress and director of football operations Kevin Colbert.

The presence of Plaxico in the camp illustrates a dynamic that, like Peter King said during Monday PFT Live, coaches like to avoid - to provide free agents for visits at a time when a team has a group of players on the same position as may be wondering exactly what in the hell is going on.

Recipients of the Steelers, despite a strong group which operates four deep (if / when Hines Ward is healthy), it lacks one thing that Burress leads up to the table. The Steelers thought they were Limas Sweed with the addition of a second-round pick in 2008 than three years took place just a list, and is about to leave.

Although there has been a contentious issue between Ward and Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers know what a great guy like Plaxico can do for the crime. The question is whether his team will join first or second team of the old age, or if someone jumps on the hunt for a man who can still be a weapon.

Eagles sneak recently as the pursuit of big-name free agents, for all we know, declaring that it has signed Burress minutes after he leaves Latrobe.