Fighting Lyme Disease

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

A woman of 38 years, La Coruña, which says it is fighting for his life with Lyme disease, is blaming his fate on a lack of public education and lack of physician training on infectious disease strong growth in North America.

And, after sharing her story with the Huron County Council, councilors voted to support a request for Sarnia-Lambton MPP Bob Bailey asking the Minister of Health of Ontario to direct the Ontario system of public health and Ontario health to include all instructions and

scientifically proven tests for the diagnosis of acute and chronic Lyme disease, do whatever is necessary to increase public awareness of Lyme disease in Ontario, and have developed protocols for diagnosis and effective treatment for patients and physicians.

Christine Heffer says she hopes to visit the County in southern Ontario to spread the word about Lyme disease, a cross-infection suffered by 400,000 people each year in the U.S. and growing in the southern Ontario.

"It took me four years to get a diagnosis. Doctors in Ontario did not know what was wrong with me. I suffered many unnecessary tests, procedures and even major surgery because of faulty tests and a general lack of knowledge about Lyme disease in that province. To say that this experience has ruined my life would be an understatement, "she told the Huron County Board members.

Heffer said disease, which becomes incurable and fatal if not taken in the first days after the tick bite, is often misdiagnosed because it mimics many other diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, fibromyalgia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and much more. It took four years Hefferan, passing now $ 1000 a month of antibiotics, has been diagnosed, and he said he was so disabled by the disease at some point that he could not speak and was bedridden.

"When the disease has spread so fast I was surprised that there is little done in public health to educate the public a deadly bacterial infection, which may be a contract of their own backyard, even though in 2000 the Canadian Medical Association has reported that the spread of Lyme disease in Ontario, particularly in southern Ontario, "he said. "I think the public has had Lyme disease education a priority I would not have fought for my life now."

Heffer, this is Ohio, because no expert on Lyme disease in Ontario, said patients who get Lyme Ontario facing an uphill battle because the current evidence is flawed Lyme patients and thousands of Canadians suffer during years before receiving a diagnosis. He said the current test produced a false negative from 45 to 95 percent of the time - has been tested three times and three times were negative. Finally found a doctor in Toronto, is committed to treating with antibiotics and their response to antibiotics has led to a diagnosis of Lyme disease.

"Being sick with a terminal illness is difficult enough, but when all the guarantees and protection of society goes, it is shocking to say the least. When I talk to people of Lyme disease, most are unaware and shocked to discover what a tick can do, "she said.

By comparing their experience with Lyme disease, similar to having AIDS, which attacks the immune system and all systems throughout the body, extends Lyme Heffer said seven times faster than AIDS.

"We are all in danger, but our children are more at risk and that risk increases each year," he said, adding that the mites, which are the size of poppy seeds, is widespread throughout southern Ontario birds.

I hope the Council will support this petition on behalf of the citizens of Huron, but more importantly than that, after learning of Lyme disease, I hope everyone here will be to educate your family, friends and neighbors. The disease is insidious and horrible, "she told council members.

She added that Lyme disease is curable if detected early and treated with antibiotics.