Apple Released Software Final Cut Pro X

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Apple released an update to its video editing software Final Cut Pro, bringing it to version 10 (or X, since it is cold). Soon the first users have begun to vent their frustration about the changes and omissions of the program compared to the previous version.

Final Cut Pro X runs on Intel Macs running Mac OS X 10.6.7 or later and is currently available for download on the Mac App Store for $ 299.99 with Motion and Compressor May 4 available for $ 49.99.

But it seems that many early adopters are dissatisfied. In Mac App Store, Final Cut Pro X three stars, and the titles of the three tests will give you an idea of ​​what people say:

‘Incredibly disappointed!’

‘Extremely buggy , overly simplistic’


The first is that people (who claim to be professional) jumped into a new application from day one (it looks like much from the promises of improvements with the new 64-bit architecture and GPU-accelerated rendering) and tried to continue the projects of the previous version (Final Cut Pro 7) for the new program only to problems. It sounds like a dumb move for me, but I guess the immediate availability of Mac App Store, it is easier for people to pull the trigger quickly on the $ 300 software. What is good to remember is that the installation of Final Cut Pro X

Second, Apple appears to have taken things, moved things, and things hidden from a well-established tools pro. move / hide / remove things in a pro tool is something that is a manufacturer of software at your own risk (see the mess that Adobe has a tool like Photoshop to be), so in many ways, Apple has committed a mortal sin by rooting around with Final Cut Pro too.

Lesson: Do not be so eager to spend $ 300 for the software before you know, if it does what you do.