Tyler Perry Emerged Throughout The South Park

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

The fourth episode in May of "South Park", "Funnybot", the series has decided to recent price Lampoon's Comedy Comedy Central - and to remove an icon (sometimes) funny in the process. Tyler Perry emerged throughout the episode, in full costume Madea, after South Park, presented by "Kathy Griffin Award." (It is presented to the person who is most likely to occur in order to receive the Award of Kathy Griffin.)

And, in typical South Park style, they proceeded to make fun of omnipotence Perry character from a series of single African-American, a Token Black, slipping him money for every "hallelujer.

Thrown into the fray is love "Doctor Who" references and more impressive, 11 died Sunday at news confession of Osama bin Laden.

Less than 72 hours notice, creators Trey Parker (who wrote and directed the episode) includes a scene of President Obama handle the nation's Oval Office - even if instead of discussing Bin Laden, it is every time after a first guess E-news late at night: the end of the world.