Playstation Network Back Online

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Well, today is the day that the Playstation network down problem should be fixed. May 4 is here and the world is still waiting to return to their favorite games online. It seems that natural health products in Japan is already back online (these are just rumors) and there was much hope in other areas, but that's not what happened. Everything is out of line in the U.S. and Europe.

Playstation Network for problem seems to have become more complicated after the total failure of the parastatal sector. SOE is synonymous with Sony Online Entertainment. There was no update on the official PSBlog from May 2 so we are still waiting to hear what happens with this case. The talk Playstation Network low is crazy, but Sony executives are strangely silent.

common perception is that the Playstation network problem will be remedied by this weekend, but it's not necessarily true. We must continue to play wait and see game. There are millions of people who are sick and tired of waiting game itself. What have you done any online play is down?