Kentucky Derby 2011

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

The 137th running of the Kentucky Derby takes place this Saturday, and you probably do not know anything about any horse. We're here to help. aspirant today is the master of the dogs.

Master of the Hounds. I say, you will not find a classier name found in this Derby. Welcome to the control of Hounds property. Please, let alone Buxley. It is simply taste the wine to ensure it has not gone around the bend. Nothing sadder than a glass of Burgundy, he Buxley?

He lost an eye in the service. Master of Hounds will tell you how, but His Majesty asked her silence on the issue, and his party when he was set secrets of the Crown later in the evening after several bottles of this wine highly. Master of Hounds is a horse of his word and will remain so.

Description: Oh, he is not in the common clay, and does not come from your plebeian U.S. will head to the ground with soil Churchill Downs dirt to lose. A little-known son of Mr. Prospector, has the burden of the elite always feel when confronted with their predecessors, as ten of the descendants of Mr. Prospector different degrees of relationship has gone on to win the Derby . (Mr. Prospector had the misfortune to ride his Derby in the same year as the secretariat.) (PS Sorry for that. Sincerely, cruel Fate.)

It is also, like many aristocrats, an underachiever cosmopolitan. Without major victories to his name, Master of Hounds has spent his youth todd lied about the circuits in Ireland, Dubai and England, finishing in the top three several times, but never threatening to win. It will also be racing his first race on earth, and you know how noble is about effectively do their dirty shoes.

However, newly polished his monocle and pedigree, of course, Paris take some considerable time after arriving, and their table manners and impeccable freshly pressed tuxedo, no doubt, attract the fillies at the celebration after the race. Remember, farmers, even in defeat, there will always be the nobility, and that is something you can not take any him.The possibilities are not good yet, but they are the nobles used to be special cases. However, several points of cheese and toast, Buxley. Master of dog food required maximum height.

Likes: winter mosquitoes. Richard Branson is like the knight, if a bit of a villain, after a few drinks. Rustic and refined wines from Piedmont Italy. The Real Housewives of Atlanta, because you must keep in touch with ordinary people, and Nene is an attractive character Medusa.

Dislikes: The Royals. Even good drivers, if you ask. The tragedy of people find San Barthes. Barbarians tax bracket is currently in England. Anarchists. Kim Zolciak, and has seen high quality wigs queens of Karl Lagerfeld. The poor. The savagery of being lowered to business class.