Csi New York "Exit Strategy"

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

There were many "exit strategy" that was more like an episode of the series for an episode of the season. The way it ended, Taylor Mac and speculation about whether he had done his part all felt like a goodbye to CSI: NY.

I myself was lying on the rumors, but it is difficult to ignore the signs. On the "exit strategy" the other side can be just that. It could have been designed as a case scenario just at the whim of the net. Parties who would like to see easy to reconcile.'s All specultation until the last word from CBS itself.

So, let's take a very long time, what could be and focus on what was a very good.

The opening shot was like a dream sequence, and illicited a little atmosphere. Mac has managed to keep his life after a suspect got the drop on him and the gun is used miraculously jammed. Escape death prompted Mac to reopen a case remains pending on his desk, and true CSI: NY Fashion Mac reached his goal.

There were so many moments that defy easy summation. Here, a brief description of how sound is used to add a Mac knew what he trudged forward, in this case, all did a great storytelling. I've always been a fan of the Mac, and this story had me completely in the result.

Jo used his great power to be able to read people well, except in one case. She said she knew very well the Mac, and while it may be the basis of his character, I can not believe she knows well. The character has not really been around long enough for that. Apart from how Jo was able to get the suspect's girlfriend to open is an excellent example of how the character can be described and remain credible.

The dynamic between Wes, one of the thieves, and Olivia, the girl who was kidnapped, was very exciting. It's hard to say exactly why Wes Olivia remained with him for so long, but it was nice to see that it was good for her. I'm a little choked when Wes was dying and told Olivia not to be sad because I finally got to go home.

There was plenty of room for side plots, but in a couple of plans for the future of Danny scenes took shape. Passed the sergeant's exam and passed. The promotion probably means that he would not work in the laboratory, has become a telling moment.

The banter between Danny and Lindsay was fun, even if Danny Pacino impersonation could use some work. It was a good break from the heavier drama.

It is unfortunate that the rest of the gang could not have even a moment. Sheldon and Sid has really emerged throughout the end. Flack was absent during much of the case, but only the support rollers leanest. And poor Adam was essentially a brief visual gag.

I hope this is not the end of CSI: NY. I wish an end of the season strong, and goodbye properly the whole cast. But if the end is an end that I can live with. There is not really moving chains, comes the melancholy wonder what might have come after.