Basketball Wives Firmly Entrenching

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

"The women's basketball" has officially returned to its third season, but to hide the guilty pleasure on television. But again, it really is a guilty pleasure if Trainwreck shamelessly love this week? An accident involving verbal beatings, threats of anger and bouts of cats, all taking place in the context of luxury condos and expensive dinner appointment?

"Basketball for Women" Jennifer Williams began showing Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O'Neal about life as a woman alone. Jen said that her ex-husband, Eric Williams, told her she had to move as he sold his condo. With her tears behind her now, "says Jennifer viewers, it feels like a" new person now. "

This brings us to Royce Reed, who apparently is also unique. His relationship with Dwayne, was last seen in the season did not end well. Royce and Dwayne is not simply a "mesh" and Brotha Royce as "safe."

At a private meeting with Tami Roman, Tami Royce trying to encourage to meet Suzie. Currently, demand Royce fell on deaf ears, as head Tami still stuck in the second season finale.

Via Twitter, Tami says Royce, he heard Evelyn is cooking up a plan to make the shirts in his "Non-Motha-f ---- a factor b ---!" comment. It 's a miracle Evelyn did not lift that phrase already memorable dot com.

Royce then I called Evelyn jokes and garden tools. He did not dig the motion while singing "Oh, oh oh. Ho!"

We have also introduced a new wife of basketball (as the majority is always bigger than rap Entourage) named Meek Claxton, Speedy Claxton's wife. Meek have no previous affiliation to one of the cast members of "Basketball Wives," so we will see him meeting with Shaunie, Jennifer, Evelyn, and Royce face to face for the first time.

Speaking of firsts, Tami and Evelyn meet at the beach for the first time since the reunion show. Do not blow lead, but we can not say that they came to a peaceful settlement, either. When Evelyn Tami said his feelings were hurt because of the way she approached him on the situation of Kenny Anderson, Evelyn said he plans to donate part of the sale, he walks away with his trademark T-shirt Tami charity.

Tami approved the idea, and the two are separated.

But they did not end the fighting. Later, Tami will be "dulce" and Evelyn sees behind the counter. Evelyn holds a black T-shirt that says "You're like a F'NB tch! Factor!"

"I do not understand how you can think it's cute," said Tami.

"Because I'm turning the whole situation something positive to negative."

Positive, Evelyn, or cost?

"I promised the money is going," said Evelyn.

"I do not take it because it comes from a negative place," Tami snaps.

The argument moves from where Tami Evelyn hits with a libel suit. threats of violence are then made on both sides (my money's on Tami), with Romain reversal bird Lozada when she leaves the store.