Mount Athos

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

"60 Minutes" producer Michael Karzai is the perfect guide to take you behind the scenes on the mountain of the show. Athos history. Karzai is the son of Greek immigrants and speak Greek. Those things probably helped when he and fellow producer Harry Radliffe tried to get permission to film a "60 Minutes" story on the Mount of another world. Athos, a peninsula in Greece self that is home to 20 monasteries and about 2,000 monks.

But permission was not an easy task. "The parliament, which exists, the sacred community is the only parliament in the face of the earth who have been continuously in session since the 10th century," said Karzai. "And these are the guys we tried to get permission fire on Mount Athos. "

The Holy Community, rejected calls for "60 Minutes". "They said, 'Thank you very much, but to fall in line" Karzis recalls. "I mean, the BBC has the port for 40 years, the French, Germans, everyone wanted to be."

Then use the powerful abbots who run every monastery on Mt. Athos and finally had a breakthrough.

"We have to build confidence," said Karzai. "And they knew we were going to do our best to distill the essence of monastic life, the beauty of the place, and what makes Mount Athos, unique in the world."

When Karzai and Radliffe got their invitation, many challenges ahead, you will learn from this "60 Minutes" report travel overtime. "It is in Europe, but Mt Athos is remarkably difficult to access. The peninsula is accessible only by boat and the surrounding seas can be difficult. It is believed that the Virgin Mary herself was wrecked there, which is one of the many things that are so sacred to Mt Athos monks and thousands of pilgrims who visit each year.

"60 Minutes" team was also stranded on Mt. Athos, where the sea rainstorms after two weeks of filming ended. Now back in New York, and Karzai Radliffe still seems moved by their time at the magnificent mountain. If you are interested in visiting Mt. Athos as a pilgrim, the "60 Minutes" video is probably the best video file ever created, and the best place to begin your search.

If you are a woman, these videos may be the only way you ever see Mount Athos. No women allowed.