Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

In a few moments, fashion lovers around the world get glimpse of the eagerly awaited live in: Kate Middleton wedding dress.

New clues point to Sarah Burton, the late designer Alexander McQueen.

A woman wearing Burton favorite accessories - a leather belt studded belt loops doubled distinctive of his jeans and ballet shoes - was seen entering Thursday Goring Hotel, the headquarters of the Middleton family, according The Daily Telegraph Great Britain.

The woman hid her face under the hat, hair and skin "hunter" in an attempt to conceal his identity from the swarms of photographers and TV crews.

Millions of people will see Middleton walking down the aisle of Westminster Abbey, this morning. However, what is going to be dressed remains a mystery, a topic of speculation that had the fashion world scratching their collective heads for months.

All will be revealed just before 6 pm ET when the name of the designer, as well as photographs and drawings of the dress of Middleton will be on the official site of the royal wedding.

Until then, the dress would be kept in a safe and Middleton, her maid of honor and the designer has seen.

About the only certainty is that this dress is a British designer.

Many media outlets have speculated that the dress is a creation of Burton. McQueen was considered right before his death and 2010 was chief designer for the clothing brand for women since 2000.

Last month, the Telegraph reported that Middleton Burton chose "to the discretion of its relatively low profile, as well as his alternative to the elegance." Burton's work is called "closed eye Middleton" when he designed the off-the-shoulder dress Sara Buys, a fashion editor, who in 2005 married to Tom Parker Bowles, Camilla's son. Buys Middleton is reportedly friendly.

Regarded as one of the edgiest labels Britain would be a McQueen dress comply with the interests of Middleton in fashion. On the other hand, this interest in the faith of fashion in the report of the Daily Mail that Middleton designed dress.

Middleton has long been interested in fashion and design. He worked for the British clothing chain Jigsaw, the accessories buyer after graduating from the University of St. Andrews, where he studied art history. It 'been to St. Andrews, where she modeled in a fashion student and her eyes said Prince William has attracted a transparent dress.

Middleton designed the wedding dress, chances are it will leave much to the imagination. Shortly after the royal engagement was announced, Women's Wear Daily asked top designers including Karl Lagerfeld, Jason Wu, Vera Wang and Monique Lhuilier to present their view of the dress fairytale Middleton.

PHOTO: Dress Designers Imagine Kate Middleton.

Besides clothing, there was widespread speculation about the shoes that bear Middleton. The Huffington Post reported that the bride to be installed four pairs of shoes for her wedding day, each with different heel heights. The lowest will be used to walk down the aisle at Westminster Abbey and must be covered with several layers of silk and embroidery.

Middleton would vary for these shoes and heels more festive Friday afternoon and evenings when she might want to please the beginnings of the masses who loves fashion a dress or two party-ready, too.

In addition, we will see what Middleton does with her veil. Why is the "general" does not need to cover his face as a royal wife to be.

Tiara sparkling medallion complement the ensemble. Queen Elizabeth II's grandmother married, have displayed a selection of royal jewels for Middleton to choose from.