Yemeni bombs more counterinsurgencies predicted

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

President Ali Abdullah Saleh said recently the police surrounded a house in the Yemen's capital of Sana'a where the suspect involved in sending the terror packages on U.S.-bound flights, which triggered a state of high alert at
U.S and UK airports, was hiding.
At a press conference in Sana'a, Saleh said a woman sent the packages through Yemen onboard cargo planes including one that made a stopover in London.

Meanwhile, sources at the Yemen offices of the UPS and FedEx Companies said the Yemeni police confiscated today other suspicious packages and are examining them. The police are investigating about 26 more packages and have already arrested some workers of the companies in connection with all packages, the sources said. They, however, did not give names involved in the alleged plots. (Yemen Post)

Meanwhile, the U.S. increases military aid to Yemen to escalate the fight against al-Qaeda. The aid is to help Yemeni army commandos fight al-Qaeda. The Pentagon notified Congress of its plans to pay for four new Huey helicopters, and for the upgrade of the 10 Russian-made MI-17 helicopters already owned by Yemen. It will also buy 50 AM General LLC Hummer vehicles, night-vision goggles, and transport aircraft. The $155 million in military aid for this fiscal year is up from $67 million provided to Yemen in fiscal 2009. The biggest cost is the $82.8 million for the Hueys and MI-17 improvements to let the Yemeni Air Force “transport small counter-terrorism units in day or nighttime operations at high altitude,” said Navy Commander Robert Mehal, the Pentagon spokesman.

Yemen has increased operations against al-Qaeda since December last year, with air and land operations using commandos and conventional troops.