Veterans day poems

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

A literary arts program that will consist of reading wartime literary pieces and Veterans Day poems will happen on November 11 at the Westports Arts Center (or WAC) at 12:30 p.m. to celebrate Veteran’s Day.
The reading of literary pieces is a nice way of honoring and connecting with the United States veterans because literary pieces about war emphasize the sacrifice and service that the war veterans have exerted for the country.

Kids gathered in the gym, some clapping and others waving flags. Eighth-grader Jacqueline Phillips says she's excited to be part of the festivity. "It shows that we have freedom in America, and we can do as we please, but I am really proud of all theveterans, so that's why it's so important to me." She says it's important to know the meaning behind the day. "The veterans have fought to protect this wonderful nation."

Kids read heartfelt poems, and others gave speeches, but all eyes were on the vets sitting front and center. The veterans listened to those who wrote poems especially for them. Sydney Budds read her poem. "Courageous is what you're when you fight, to make sure your loved ones can sleep at night." Both of her grandfathers served in the military, and their war stories inspired her to write the poem. She says she's learned some important lessons. "They fought hard, and my grandfathers both made it out okay, but some didn't make it back," Budd says.

The Veterans Program at the middle school wasn't the only thing in store for veterans. Kids also put their poems all throughout the hallway to show those who serve our country how very much they're appreciated.

Bob Ramsey, who served in the army for 26 years, loved seeing the kids so excited. "It is very inspiring to see it. At one time, the country wasn't as patriotic as it's today, and it's tremendously rewarding to those of us who served to see that patriotism is returning to the classrooms.” Ramsey flew helicopters in Vietnam, and he says he knows that freedom is not free. He has a message for thestudents. "Keep the faith. Keep the faith. There's a great future ahead for this country because of the veterans that we have and because of those that are serving."

Jacqueline says she knows a lot of people have lost their lives or gotten hurt while fighting, so even when she grows up, she'll continue to remember this day and what it means. "OnVeterans Day, we just really need to honor the veterans, and we need to thank them for all they've done for this country."