Lee DeWyze talks 'transition' into major performer : 'American Idol'

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

One of the biggest joys for "American Idol" champ Lee DeWyze thus far has been simply his ability to co-write just about every sone on his new album "Live It Up." Songwriting is just as important to the Illinois native as singing, and he recently gave a fascinating interview with Songwriter Universe to describe the process of composing such a variety of new tracks:

“I like to be diverse, and it was fun to do a big pop song, then dig more into confessional singer/songwriter material and then rock out. I always try to write from an honest place, and wanted this to be an emotional album which had big happy choruses people could sing along to but also sadder and darker tunes like ‘Dear Isabelle’ and ‘A Song About Love.’ I wanted to toss a little of everything into the mixing jar because I enjoy writing and performing all those things.

“I’m making an interesting transition now, because on Idol I was being judged by the panel and viewers on how well I could sing songs they all know--and now I’m getting out there with my own music and hoping it can communicate who I am even more effectively. Now that the show and tour are over, I just have to hope that people out there are looking at me as an artist with something unique to offer and not simply as an Idol contestant. I just want people to enjoy Live It Up for what it is and am more excited than worried about the differing perceptions. I wrote and sang my own music before the show and I’m doing it again now.”
Lee's first single (in "Sweet Serendipity") is currently picking up some major airplay on the radio, and is waiting to make its grand debut on the Billboard Hot 100. Reviews are starting to come in for his album, which officially hits stores on November 16.