Jonathan Lipnicki 2010

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Jonathan Lipnicki is all grown up!
The adorable now-20-year-old former “Jerry Maguire” child star (most known for his famous line, “Do you know that the human head weighs eight pounds?”), stopped by Access Hollywood Live on Wednesday to chat about his upcoming projects and his days working with Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger.

Jonathan Lipnicki, who was only five years old when he starred in “Jerry Maguire,” said that despite growing up, he still has fond memories of filming the romantic comedy.

They “were both just awesome to work with,” he admitted. "I'm just so thankful that was my first experience working was with such a great cast.”

“Jerry Maguire,” which was
Lipnicki’s film debut, was widely acclaimed, grabbing a Supporting Actor Oscar (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) and five other Academy Award nominations, and catapulting Lipnicki into child-actor stardom.

Despite starring in other films such as Stuart Little and Like Mike as a child, Lipnicki said that he was grounded nonetheless and grew up “normal.”

"I went to public school—went to prom, did homecoming, everything," he said. "It's great because now I can come back as a different person. I've learned a lot and I can come back and have kind of a new career."

Even though he’s grown up and an adult now, he has no trouble finding work:
Lipnicki will play an Israeli for the drama "For The Love Of Money" set to be released next year.