Iran Rahana reported that 23 prisoners

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

IRAN -- The Human Rights House of Iran Rahana reported that 23 prisoners from the Vakil Abad prison in Mashhad were secretly executed "mass execution style and without any prior notice."
According to Iran's International Campaign for Human Rights a recent wide spread secret mass execution of hundreds of prisoners charged with narcotic-related offences took place prior to the recent execution of 23 prisoners.

Of the 23, 13 were exectued on October 5, and 10 were executed on October 12.
The accused, their families, and their lawyers had no prior notice of the executions that were carried out without respect for Laws of the Islamic Republic and without any prosecutorial fairness, Rahana reported.
A number of former inmates have reported of authorities obtaining confessions under torture from these prisoners.

The individuals were summoned only a few hours prior to the execution from various wards at the Vakil Abad prison and transferred to the execution hallway situated near the entrance to the prison’s visitation hall, and executed.