America's Next Top Model

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

It's really starting to become clear that we don't actually have much of a way in of a favorite anymore. Ann\s struggles are becoming more and more evident, Chris is likable but not excellent in photos, and Jane and Chelsey manage to stay constantly "good" while never really rising to the top.

With that in mind, we have to give the competition right now with a few weeks remaining to Kayla. She managed to completely bring it her first week in Venice, even when she had to combat her fears yet again and cozy up to a man. She's been strong at photo shoots all season, and unlike Ann can also excel when it comes to being sociable in front of the camera.

So who struggled in Venice? Taking photos in a group of three is always a struggle, and Liz had a difficult time in the midst of complaining about the weather (and pretty much everything else). She still delivered a particularly strong shot, but we are getting to the stage of the competition where Tyra Banks and company looks more at your full body of work. Since Liz's body was full of constant excuse-making and lacked consistency, she was sent home despite having more potential than some of the other girls.