Rihanna on 'Saturday Night Live'

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Last night, Rihanna reunited with Andy Samberg on "Saturday Night Live" to bring us another "Shy Ronnie" sketch, a comedy bit that utilizes Rihanna's singing voice as narration and the ever uncomfortable character of Ronnie, portrayed by Samberg.  Ronnie seems to suffer from stage fright--that is until Rihanna leaves the room and his self-confidence grows by the mile.
In a sketch entitled "Ronnie & Clyde," Rihanna and Ronnie enter a bank with guns drawn, forcing everyone to throw their hands up in fear. Dressed like Bumpy Johnson and toting a Tommy Gun, Rihanna sings her demands to a catchy beat while Ronnie appears unsure of himself.
When Rihanna tells the hostages that they must follow her partner's instructions in order to live, Rihanna hands the baton to Shy Ronnie.  Suffering from a clear case of social anxiety, Ronnie mumbles his demands into the microphone.

"No one in the back can hear you," a frustrated Rihanna sings.

"Shy Ronnie, use your outside voice," Rihanna adds.
By the end of the sketch, Rihanna makes off with the cash (and even SNL's host, Jon Hamm), but the sketch's big laughs come when Ronnie feels free enough to go hard on the mic without the presence of his red-haired partner in crime present.
To the left, check out Rihanna in the "Saturday Night Live" sketch "Ronnie & Clyde."
Other notable moments from this weekend's SNL episode:
  • Jay Pharoah continues to show us the number one reason he was cast on "Saturday Night Live": his voice impressions.  Coming off incredible impressions of Will Smith and Denzel Washington, Pharoah depicted what it would've been like had Eddie Murphy had an opportunity to audition for the role of Marty McFly in "Back to the Future."
  • Kenan Thompson once again dusted off his Bill Cosby impression.
  • As the musical guest, Rihanna performed "What's My Name?" and "Only Girl (In the World)."