Classroom Halloween Party Games

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Your school party will need some gruesome games.

Classic Bobbing for Apples with a twist

You will need:

One apple for each child in the class + ten.
A large steel tub filled with water and apples are added to the water.
5 big cooking spoons

To Play:
Children must pick up an apple and pull it out of the water using just the spoon.
All the guests take a turn and retrieve an apple. Activity – No Winner

Pin the Tail on the Cat

You will need: large black and white paper, scissors, tape, white pencil, blind fold

1. Draw the outline of a cat on the paper
2. Cut it out so you just have the cat shape
3. Glue black cat in the middle of the white paper
4. Draw and cut out several cat tails from black paper.
5. Put a piece of tape on the back of each tail

To Play:

* All players line up.
* At each player’s turn they must put on a blindfold.
* An adult leads the player in the direction of the cat.
* The player tapes the tail ad close to the cat as possible.
* The player who “pinned the tail closest to the right place on the cat is the winner.

Touch Creepy Yucky Stuff

You will need: Three bowls, cooked cold spaghetti, peeled grapes, and wet tea bags

Before the party,

1. Fill one bowl with cooked cold spaghetti-worms.
2. One with peeled grapes-eyeballs
3. One with wet teabags

To Play

* Each player is blindfold.
* Ask them to put their hands in each bowl.
* Ask them to guess what yucky stuff is in each bowl.

Frankenstein’s Freeze

All you need is music

To Play

1. One person is in charge of the music.
2. When the music is playing everyone dances around.
3. The person in control of the music can stop at any time.
4. When the music stops the players must freeze in place.
5. Whichever player stays in place, frozen, the longest wins!

Have plenty of gruesome fun,