Coakley concedes

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Quo vadis? And what happened to Martha? Open thread.

This is where Barack Obama shows if he’s got anything of what it takes. The real key to his survival is himself. Who he chooses to listen to, what he chooses to abandon, what he decides to hold, these will define him. The problem is he’s surrounded himself with a pack of Dr Morels and scam artists who have come a long way by whispering junk in his ear. He has to clean out his inner circle. So my prediction is that if he does he’s got a chance. If he circles the wagons, he’s finished.

And then there’s Hillary. I wonder when the knives come out.

Scott Brown has won the Massachusetts Senate seat once held by Senator Ted Kennedy. With 99 percent of the precincts reporting, Brown has beaten his Democratic challenger Martha Coakley 52-47 percent.

This changes the dynamics in the U.S. Senate; the Democrats have lost their filibuster-proof majority. The loss in Massachusetts puts President Barack Obama’s health care proposal and other initiatives in jeopardy.

Independent voters were the deciding factor. “Tonight the independent voice of Massachusetts has spoken,” Brown told his supporters at a victory rally. This is the first time a Republican has held a Senate seat in the Bay State since 1972.

Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal calls the victory a stark illustration of Democratic support collapsing from independent voters. “But Massachusetts is now the third Obama-won state in the past three months where independents have swung decisively Republican,” the Journal said.

“I am ready to go to Washington without delay,” Brown told his supporters Tuesday night.

The Boston Herald said Brown becomes the “lone GOPer in the 12-person federal delegation from the Bay State.”