Happy Halloween 2012

If the clutter is too much for you and your little one, try the "Carve a pumpkin from Mother and father magazine" app. Now your children can define their own pumpkin without making the plant seeds and slime to fresh up, although we can't guarantee that it will be as much fun. This app has five different pumpkins to select from, with no chiselling blades required. Just sketch your crazy experience and add some goulish sight, a nasal area, and a oral cavity, and you're prepared to discuss with your buddies.

No nfl and higher education soccer designed Halloween Costumes will ever top child Invoice Snyder, so quit trying.

Actually, please proceed trying to top the majesty of a child clothed in cups, a ear phones and a Beginner coat. Only good stuff can occur when infants are made up to look like nfl and higher education soccer trainers.

Who would give a more exposing halftime interview: Invoice Snyder, who keeps every item of Might Condition details near to the coat, or child Invoice Snyder?

How much of a tool would child Dana Holgorsen be on the hiring trail? What mom wouldn't encourage child Holgorsen into her residing room?

The outfit my child as my trainer pattern has only lately taken off (I'd say within the last three or four years), but here's wondering expecting that it's designed to last.
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Star Wars Episode 7

It was the information that rocked the dork universe: "Star Wars" designer Henry Lucas is promoting his Lucasfilm to Disney, which programs to launch a 7th "Star Wars" film in 2015.

"I have tale therapies of 7, 8 and 9, and a lot of other films," Lucas says in a YouTube film talking about the purchase. "And obviously we have thousands of guides and comic strips and everything you could probably think about. So I kind of shifted that value chest of experiences and various things to Kathy "that's Kathleen Kennedy, now the chief executive of Lucasfilm" and I have finish assurance she is going to take them and are excellent films."

Kennedy contributes that she and Lucas have began "the really fun part of the process" of making the next "Star Wars" movie: "We're being seated with a number of authors and we're beginning to discuss concepts, and we're beginning to discuss what those experiences might be," she says in it clip.

who we'd love to see take a crack at Han Solo, Princess Leia and the rest of the characters. In alphabetical order:

J.J. Abrams: "Star Wars" is right in the wheelhouse of Abrams, who has successfully restarted another beloved sci-fi franchise ("Star Trek") and showed a deft, Spielbergian touch with "Super 8" last year. The question: Would he be too faithful to the "Star Wars" template>

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss: The showrunners of HBO's "Game of Thrones" have proven their ability to translate revered source material and handle big, sprawling stories -- qualities that would serve them well given the multitude of expanded universe tales on which future movies could draw.

Kathryn Bigelow: The Oscar-winning director is aces at putting taut, human-scale action on screen. If "Star Wars" ever were to tilt toward a more adult reading, she'd be great.

Guillermo del Toro: Fanboys and -girls would likely salivate over what del Toro could bring to the franchise. Early looks at his "Pacific Rim" were pretty impressive, and his plate is clear after "Pinocchio," currently slated for 2014.

Jon Favreau: His two "Iron Man" movies had lots of action and pretty solid character development, sure. But they were also just fun -- a quality that was largely missing from the "Star Wars" prequels.

Vince Gilligan: Just think about what the creator of "Breaking Bad" could do chronicling the further adventures of Han Solo. And a story that's so interested in chronicling how people can slip to the dark side could scarcely find a better fit.

Seth Green and/or Seth MacFarlane: Why not give the two foremost "Star Wars" parodists (with "Robot Chicken" and "Family Guy") a shot at the real thing?

Steven Moffat: He knows a thing or two about resurrecting a sci-fi icon -- see "Doctor Who" -- and balancing the desires of hardcore, grown-up fans with the need to serve a wider audience.

Joss Whedon: Along with Abrams, he's one of the icons of fandom. He's also rather busy at the moment with his various Marvel projects for Disney.

David Yates: The British director proved he could handle a big franchise with the final four "Harry Potter" films -- satisfying fans almost as numerous and dedicated as those of "Star Wars."
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Nexus 4 new functions

Being an Android operating system fan is a bit like being a kid in a old fashion sweets shop these days. Along with its new Android 4.2 Jelly Bean launch and all the new functions it provides, Search engines has formally released two product new Nexus devices: the Nexus 4, a long awaited new leading cellphone, and the Nexus 10, a high end 10 inches product made by New samsung.

Let's take an up near look at the Nexus 4, shall we? The cellphone brings together the primary framework of LG's Optimus G with Search engines own style emotions and genuine Android operating system application. Get prepared, gang: This cellphone guarantees to offer the greatest Android operating system encounter and it very well may have the products to offer.

Nexus 4: LG's hardware

You can clearly see LG's Optimus G foundation in the Nexus 4, but make no mistake about it: This is a Nexus phone through and through. The Nexus 4 rocks a 4.7-in. True HD IPS display with the familiar Nexus-style curved glass. At a glance, its form actually looks very much like that of the Galaxy Nexus that preceded it.

Thinking about size? The Nexus 4 is 2.7 x 5.3 in. and 0.36 in. thick. It weighs 4.9 oz. Despite its larger screen, then, that actually makes it almost the same size and weight as the Galaxy Nexus -- just a hair thicker and a skosh heavier, but probably not enough to be terribly noticeable.

The larger screen is far from the only thing that separates the new Nexus phone from its younger brother, though. In general, LG's build with this line of devices feels far more solid and substantial than the plasticky-style approach favored by Samsung. The Nexus 4 puts a Googley twist on LG's distinctive back-of-phone design, with a sleek and premium-looking patterned material reminiscent of the classic Nexus wallpaper look.

Outward aesthetics aside, the Nexus 4's screen has a resolution of 1280 x 768 with 320ppi, all protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2. Based on the time I spent with the Optimus G, which uses the same display technology, I expect the image quality on this thing to be wildly impressive.

And that's just the start.
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Weekly column for CNN

WABC-TV writer Phil Lipof wobbled as he tried to keep the shape, pressed and pelted by wind flow and the circulating trash of the seaside in Beach Levels, N.J. Processor Reid of CBS dashed away from an inbound trend, just getting out of its accident. Jonathan Viglotti's indication was cut as he was standing at the front side of a high house in Long Isle.

As Gran Eileen Bloomberg advised the people of New You are able to Town to leave or stay inside, information systems were delivering their correspondents into the eye of the surprise.

Sandy began out last Thursday as a creating natural disaster in the Ocean that just one of CNN's nine computer designs estimated to turn remaining and hit the U. s. Declares, by Wednesday it became something to look at. Chad Myers, CNN's tornados professional, first described it on air that mid-day, and by Friday it was obvious that it was advancing for the Southern Seaboard. Myers began to move his soldiers, assessing who was available, and where, understanding he would need to soften an military of correspondents to protect the 500-mile spool of the surprise.

Now, CNN has at least 100 workers such as motorists, several correspondents and satellite tv providers at factors all along the Eastern Shore, as well as local online associates in every city in the large hurricane's direction.

"This is our Extremely Dish," Myers informed during a crack from his round-the-clock protection. "We have individuals that will be in the way of this surprise, and individuals will probably get harm."

Said Helen Swenson, senior vp live programming at The Weather Channel: "Whether you’re a news person or meteorologist, you live for this. You live first and foremost to tell people to get people out of harm's way; to be there for them before, during and after the storm; and tell people's real stories. We are typically on a 12 hours on, 12 hours off schedule. A lot of people are sleeping here."

For those out in the field, standing in the driving rain and wind, those hours are even more strenuous. Myers says that the network invested several years in scouting the strongest and highest spots in each city so they could park their trucks in the safest possible places and have access to multiple roadways.

"I can't save your life, but I need to do what I can to make sure you stay safe," he said of his reporters. "I feel personally responsible for them. … I sometimes tell them on the air that they need to leave."

Myers calls the field reporting essential to show people what they should not be doing, while Swenson defended the practice with verve.

"A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say," she offered. "If you didn’t have the pictures, how better could you describe the conditions of the storm? If they’re out there to the point where it’s not safe anymore, we shut down."

That decision, she said, often falls to their reporters in the field.

"Somebody like Jim Cantore and Mike Seidel, they’ve been out in the field 20-plus years; they know when it gets too rough," Swenson said. "They will get inside the satellite truck, park it between buildings. It actually happens a lot. What you don’t see is all the live shots we shut down and all the time that we shut them down to wait out the severity of the storm. We let the crews in the field make [the decision to shut down], and they’re the ones that know what’s best."

Both CNN and Weather Channel banned the use of the term "Frankenstorm" to describe Sandy, hoping to strike a more serious tone in coverage. Sensitive to charges of sounding alarmist, Swenson pitches the network as a hub of passionate people doing their life's work.

"At the end of the day, we consider ourselves at the Weather Channel a public service first," Swenson said. "If anyone thinks that during the storm, when you’re going to have a predicted 12 million people without power -- at that point, we’re lucky if we get ratings. We’re not in it to increase ratings. We have to be there for the people. That’ why we’re out there; that’s why we’re exhausted."
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Google Doodle celebrate Bob Ross

Google Doodle enjoys what would have been Bob Ross’s 70th wedding. Even though he’s no more with us, he trained us that anyone can colour. All we have to do is believe in ourselves.

Ross began artwork while providing with the Air Power. Where the snowfall protected hills motivated him. This new discovered skills permitted him to earn an income, concluding in the lengthy term (1983-1994) PBS display, The Joy of Painting.

An exciting reality about the display is that Mr. Ross actually did it for no cost. The cash he created actually came from Bob Ross Integrated. You may have seen their unique appearance in your regional art provide shop.

Not only was Bob Ross influential with his paintings, but for me personally, his outlook on life is something to be admired. You see, when Ross was in the service, he had to bark a lot of orders and was generally “mean”. It’s to his credit that after his time in the force, he decided to never be like that again, and lived a happy and peaceful life. So, cheers to Google for honoring Mr. Ross with a doodle, and to end things, here’s a great video with the man himself.
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