"Make Your Mark" Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez follows the footsteps of Jennifer Lopez and Chrisitne Aguilera - The starlet has signed as a judge for the dance competition on the Disney Channel to come, "Make Your Mark."

Access Hollywood reported that the singer will join other star Roshon Fegan and Disney's Debby Ryan as judges of the show.

"I never ordered anything," Gomez told Access Hollywood. "I'm a little excited."

The winner will have the opportunity to strut their stuff in the Disney show "Shake It Up," a dance show in which teenagers groove, pop and lock.

Gomez recently showed his chic Los Angeles at the premiere of a new thriller, "Everything." Us Weekly said that all eyes were on display Gomez because he put "a tiny pair of shorts shiny blacks, sexy strappy high heels and a flowing white top."

The singer was in the midst of a breakup with a boyfriend of superstar Justin Bieber.

ShowbizSpy.com entertainment site reported that Gomez is "increasingly frustrated" with behavior Bieber.

"Justin is still a child," a confidential source told the site. "All he wants to do is watch movies and play video games."

The shocking news comes days after Bieber went public about how great it felt Gomez, and

"It makes me laugh, and she puts up with my jokes," said Bieber ShowbizSpy city. "We were both raised by our mothers in single parent families, and it gave us a lot of family values ​​even in life."

Yet unnamed source said that "it does not work."

"Selena is very young woman," the source said in the interview. "Most of the time they are separated due to work commitments.

"She wants to go out and romantic dinners," said the source. "But this is not the case."
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Found Guilty Of Joshua Komisarjevsky

Joshua Komisarjevsky
Connecticut Jury today found guilty of Joshua Komisarjevsky to participate in the killings, Dr. William Petit's wife and two daughters, a brutal home invasion that ended his daughers tied to their beds, and splashed gasoline on fire the house.

Joshua Komisarjevsky, 31, was found guilty on all 17 counts against him, charges that include murder, robbery, kidnapping, sexual assault and arson. Six of these charges are considered capital offenses, so Komisarjevsky eligible for the death penalty

The jury began deliberations Wednesday morning and it took nearly nine hours to return a conviction of guilty to charges he murdered Jennifer Hawke-Petit, 48, Hayley Petit, 17, and Michaela Petit, 11

He will now undergo a death penalty hearing to determine whether he spends the rest of his life in prison or are sentenced to execution by lethal injection. These hearings will begin October 24.

The Petit family was in court that the verdicts were read and rubbed elbows with each response and comfort. Leaving the courthouse, Dr. Petit is the only known survivor of the brutal attack Komisarjevsky "a psychopathic personality, which is probably lying still do not believe you've done nothing wrong."

Dr. Petit said that even four years later the loss of his family had left a "hole in his heart irregular," but he was grateful for the support he received from across the country and the world. He called the decision "a relief".

Joshua Komisarjevsky had no visible reaction.

Komisarjevsky accomplice Steven Hayes was convicted last year for his role in July 23, 2007 home invasion, murder and torture of the Petit family. He was sentenced to death and is currently in the death row in Connecticut.

If sentenced to death, Komisarjevsky with 10 other men, who are currently in the death of Connecticut, as Hayes.

Guilty we estimate the Petit Home Invasion Murder

Only one person was executed in Connecticut since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976. The execution took place in 2005 and was the serial killer Michael Ross, also known as the Strangler road.

Emotional evidence Komisarjevsky started Sept. 19. Komisarjevsky defense lawyers argued that their client was a man who was "confused" and easily led, but that does not want to kill anyone. Komisarjevsky of lawyers accused of the killings, and Hayes said Hayes was the soul of a criminal attack to the Petit home in Cheshire, Connecticut

During closing arguments, said state prosecutor Gary Nicholson jury that "it took two people to commit these crimes" and was Komisarjevsky, who started the ball rolling by following Jennifer Hawke-Petit and Michaela home a grocery store.

Komisarjevsky, Nicholson said, was as responsible as Hayes paid for fuel in the firebox and the fire that led to death of girls. "They had a common goal to destroy evidence, and in the process, a family," said Nicholson.

As the terrible events of that night began to spiral out of control, defense attorney Walter C. Bansley said his client had no power to stop because of his "ability of bad decisions," caused by a "perfect storm" of childhood sexual abuse, serious injuries to the head and substance abuse.

At the beginning of the trial, told jurors Bansley probably says "break your heart." Testimony was really devastating.

In horrible detail, the jury heard how Komisarjevsky and Hayes, Dr. Petit over the head with a baseball bat, and then tied his bloody and bruised. The jury heard how the two girls were tied to their beds for hours and terrorized. Komisarjevsky also admitted sexually assaulting Michaela and half-naked pictures of the baby when she was tied up. Hayes raped and strangled Hawke-Petit.

The tapes recorded during the test was stopped after Komisarjevsky were played in court where it is described in a flat monotone, the horror of that night, when Hayes blamed the killings.

"He started ranting and raving for DNA, and he was angry with me because I was randomly on several occasions to use his name in front of the inhabitants of the house ... and all of a sudden you know you have to kill us ... were able to kill the whole family and burn the house down on them. Um, that was that there was no plan, "he said on tape.

The jury said that gasoline was poured into the small family home, including beds of the daughter, as was required, then the house burned down. A coroner said that given the magnitude of fire damage, dental records had to be used to identify the bodies of Hawke-Petit. And experts have also described how the girls probably survived for long minutes before succumbing to smoke inhalation dying.
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Zuccotti Park Has Been Occupied

Cleaning the Lower Manhattan park has been occupied by protesters for nearly a month was postponed Friday, shortly before he was supposed to start, avoiding a feared confrontation between police and demonstrators who had vowed to resist any effort to expel them from their camp.

But sporadic clashes between protesters and police erupted when demonstrators began to march all the same in the winding streets in Lower Manhattan, after learning that the cleaning had been canceled. Some protesters were seen being taken into custody.

Notice of reorganization of Bloomberg fired around 6:20, about 40 minutes before the employees had to be Zuccotti Park, which is a starting point for the Wall Street Take control of protesters angered by what they perceive as unjust and corrupt financial system .

"The last night we received the opinion of the owners of Zuccotti Park - Brookfield Properties - to postpone his scheduled cleaning of the park, and the time to withdraw their applications before a week to assist the police during the cleaning operation" , Deputy Mayor F. Caswell Holloway said in a statement.

"Brookfield believes that we can work in the disposition of the demonstrators, to ensure the park remains clean, safe, public use," said Holloway, "and that the situation is to respect the residents and businesses in the center."

When news that the cleanup had been canceled jumped through Zuccotti Park, applause broke out between protesters who had prepared for a possible confrontation.

"I came here looking for a fight," said Steve Sachs, Highstown, NJ "I've never been in a fight in my life. I have never been arrested. But I was willing to be arrested in this regard."

However, clashes between police and protesters erupted in several streets in the district.

At about 7:40, a man was seen handcuffed taken to Broadway. Moments later, a woman who said she was his girlfriend identified him as Michael Rivas.

Soon after, maiden street and water, police were seen taking four people into custody, placing them in a police van. One of these men have appeared a cut on his forehead and blood running down his face.

At one point it seemed that officials were trying to keep the crowd on the sidewalk, a bag of garbage was thrown into the crowd and hit the officer in plain clothes. Asks the officer and the other to wade through the crowd and arrest the man.

The crowd marched through the roads, accompanied or followed by officers on foot or by scooter.

Near the corner of Beaver Street and Broad Street, helmeted agents jumped from scooters, approached a man on the ground and handcuffed him. At the corner of Wall and William, the officers stood behind metal barricades as protesters filled the street in front of them. Some protesters carried mops and brooms have been used previously to clean Zuccotti Park.

Near the site of Broadway and Exchange officials led the scooters in a number of protesters a.

A spokesman said that police officers had taken some people in police custody Friday morning, but said he could not immediately confirm the number of people detained or describe the circumstances.

"There were people in prison," said the spokesman, who declined to describe these additional meetings.

Hundreds of people gathered in Zuccotti Park at night in anticipation of what might happen on Friday, while others continued to clean the park, complaining of Brookfield Properties had become dirty and a threat to health.

About 5 am, a collection of rags and brooms were standing in a plastic bin Liberty Street. Nearby was 27 buckets of soapy water. She shared the white rubber gloves for more than a dozen people. They walked west from the park, Trinity Place, and announced they were going to start sweeping, collecting and removing items that do not belong to anyone.

"This place is very important," said Kyle, Christopher, 27, a photographer in Buffalo, which was part of a protest after their first week.

Patrick Bruner, a spokesman for the Take Control of Wall Street, said Thursday night, protesters tried to deliver a petition of 100,000 signatures to City Hall, asking Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg at Zuccotti Park, the occupation continues.

Thursday night, sent from the AFL-CIO a message to members asking them to report to Zuccotti Park early Friday morning to support the demonstrators.

At 6 pm, the public had grown to over a thousand. The police stood behind metal barricades that lined the park.

Andy Friedman, 38, of Park Slope, Brooklyn, said Friday that he had come to the park in response to the call of the Solidarity Union.

"For 30 years, banks in this country was made like bandits," said Friedman, who works for the service workers' union, the SEIU "And the rest of us go backwards. "

Wednesday, Mayor Bloomberg announced that the park would be cleaned.

In a letter to Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly, CEO of Brookfield wrote Tuesday, Richard B. Clark, that the conditions in the park had reached "dangerous" levels, and he repeated his claim that the camp violated the law.

Overflowing garbage attracted rodents, wrote, gas generators caused a fire, which abounded in the bathroom smells worse and installation of complaints from disgruntled people who live and work nearby.

"Given this and the continued penetration of the demonstrators," Clark wrote, "we are again requesting assistance from the New York City Police Department to help clean the park."

The demonstrators were afraid that Mr. Bloomberg has announced that the park should be cleaned was the prelude to their final expulsion. The call quickly went on Facebook and other sites requires brooms, mops, and cleaning of the various tools and volunteers willing to donate elbow grease. After cleaning, place themselves, the protesters forming a human chain in the park to try to keep the police from entering. Supporters were asked to go to the park at 6 am Friday "to defend the occupation of eviction."

Clashes between police and protesters occurred several times since the protesters began their camp at Zuccotti Park September 17. Dozens of demonstrators were arrested during a demonstration in Union Square on September 24, and several women were pepper-sprayed by a senior police officer, in an episode that is considered by the office of Manhattan district attorney.

On October 1, about 700 demonstrators were arrested while trying to March at the Brooklyn Bridge. And 28 people were detained after March 6th October in Lower Manhattan, which has attracted thousands and has received support from major unions.

Triggered by a call to action of Adbusters, a Canadian magazine, hold Wall Street began as a protest against what the protesters portray as corporate greed and income inequality that attracts hundreds of people Lower Manhattan, but barely registers a blip on the radar of the mainstream news media. Participants reported themselves part of the "99 percent" to emphasize their claim to one percent of Americans control much of the country's wealth.

The news that the event has grown steadily, fueled by coverage of the incidents of pepper spray, mass arrests on the bridge and the outbreak of similar protests in the country and around the world. Expanded its support base. Celebrities visited the protesters, including Susan Sarandon and Kanye West. Unions, politicians and academics have supported. The case was taken by people getting angrier by chronic unemployment, debt increases and what they see as an imbalance of economic development.
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How Dog Obedience Training

Dog Obedience training is simply training your dog to obey. It includes training for basic commands like: sit, stay, heel, come and so on. There are two basic approaches to obedience training. One school of thought uses negative reinforcement techniques like choke collars and electric shocks, while the other uses a simple clicker and rewards. What do you think works best? Clicker training and awards, here's why ...

Negative reinforcement breeds fear. It makes your dog afraid of you and others. The fear leads to aggression and unpredictable behavior. The results have a dog that bites, destroys property and barks incessantly.

While negative reinforcement behaviors may work in the short term, are not predictable. For best results, dog training you want to make sure that the behavior is predictable and repeatable.

Formation of positive reinforcement dog creates a bond that lasts a lifetime and use the clicker is the most effective and efficient way to accomplish the task.

Dog training with a clicker is a training method that uses a tool, a clicker. The clicker tells the dog at the moment she made a correct or desirable behavior. The sound is the sign of what they have done.

Click this combined with positive reinforcement as a reward and praise the food is an incredibly effective way to train your dog to behave, including sit, stay, heel, look, talk, attack, roll, play dead, lay down and just about any behavior or trick you can think of. Before you become familiar with clicker training, there are a few tips to make the most of your workouts to the clicker.

Dog Obedience Training Schedule

Exercise part of your daily life with your dog to know what to expect. They expect, in fact, this time with you. If you plan to exercise before lunch time, they will be more motivated to learn obedience behaviors you are trying to train.

Keep the sessions short obedience training

Dogs only have an unlimited attention when it comes to chasing a ball or a cat. In fact, they lose their focus on fun activities. Hold training courses for about five minutes, and the dog is attentive and involved. Pull the seat for too long and the dog may lose interest in education all together.

Do not punish your dog for Bad Behavior

This may seem at odds with what education should be treated as punitive, however, scream, hit, or the time out of their cage can actually cause more harm than good.

What does your dog to be afraid, stressed, and destructive. Instead, fix bad behavior reward good behavior. Teachers can take a little longer to catch on, but the rewards are worth it and the training will last. You do not have to re-train and train and train.

Getting Started Clicker Training Your Dog the practice

A clicker is a simple tool, which grip and makes a clicking sound. However, it is so easy to use. Because the sound is a sign of good behavior obedience must be precise.

If you click your dog has performed the correct behavior, can not make the association. Instead, click when the dog performs the correct behavior. For a specific practice clicker.

Plan Your Obedience Training

Before you begin to train a behavior consider exactly what you want your dog to do. For example if you’re training your dog to sit consider the following questions:

  • What will you do to cue the command? Will you give your dog a verbal cue, a physical cue or both?
  • How long should they sit for?
  • Do you want the dog to sit in front of you or just to sit where he stands no matter where you are?

This is important because you will click and reward for progress toward the ultimate behavior. For example, if you want your dog to sit on command until you release him there are two commands you will teach however your first step is to simply get them to understand the concept of sitting. Every time they sit you will click and reward. Eventually, through progression, you will add a cue, a release command and so on until you have achieved the desired result.

Dog Obedience training is important for many reasons. It keeps your dog safe. It ensures your dog will not adopt unwanted behaviors like tugging on the leash, jumping on people and begging during dinner, not to mention destructive tendencies. It gives your dog structure and expectations which make them feel secure.

It also provides you and your dog quality time and a positive owner and dog relationship. Whether your dog is young or old, large or small, calm or hyper, obedience training is a positive step toward lifelong dog and owner happiness.
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Eartha Kitt, Holmes Passes Away

Clint Holmes's return to the music scene in New York this week took a turn sad. Her mother, Audrey, a British opera singer met and married jazz singer Eddie Holmes, died Wednesday in a hospice in Las Vegas. She was 96th

His son, who was in New York for the opening of its three-week race, "Remembering Bobby Short," received the word of his death a few hours before going on stage at the Cafe Carlyle, a mythical place in the Hotel Carlyle . Short died in 2005 at the age of 80 years.

A memorial will be in Las Vegas next month, said Mr. Holmes.

His mother often took part in exhibitions and was a dear Holmes, "fans of his show-stopping release of George Gershwin's" Summertime. "He would bring him and ask him if he wanted to sing, and he knocked out of the park every time.

During dinner at the Carlyle, on Monday, Holmes said his mother was in serious condition.

He shared a touching story that his family had just passed along. Brittany Holmes daughter was visiting her grandmother, who had recently lost consciousness.

"Brittany kept her son nearly 4 ½ months of mom, and she opened her eyes, saw him and sang," said Holmes, who held a smartphone at our table to share a picture of the tender moment.

Tribute Holmes a Court, the iconic cabaret singer who performed more than 35 years at the Carlyle, is the first tribute in his room, a comfortable 70-seat where Eartha Kitt performs often.

Woody Allen, his clarinet with a jazz band participated in the night and our party.

Holmes was recently named an artist residency Smith Center, which opens early next year.


Al Davis collected three Super Bowl rings force against us-them mentality, he preached the Raiders.

Sometimes the suspicion stiff competition from the legendary coach of the NFL and owner of tour psychotic paranoia.

Orange County Register sports columnist Mark Whicker included this anecdote in a column in this week's Davis, who died Saturday at age 82: "In 1990, Davis joined the Mile High box press the stadium and saw Norma Clarke Denver Rocky Mountain News.

"Davis did not know that Clarke used the requirement of eye patch.

"'Who is that (guy)?" Davis atomized. "What (the hell) is that (the boy) doing?"

"He immediately thought Clarke was ridiculing the logo of the Raiders."

Scene and heard

Best selling author Todd Wilbur of Summerlin, which plays in the new Country Music Television show "Top Secret Recipe," the title of his book recreates the Cinnabon cinnamon in the second episode tonight at 21:00

I recommend ...

Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville at the Flamingo Las Vegas is going after a Guinness world record for the biggest day, Margarita, a monstrosity 8500 gallons. Casting final 17 hours will be followed by the first service of the "luck of Rita."


Singer Nick Lachey, declined requests for images of women admirers to Surrender Nightclub (Encore) on Wednesday. He married Vanessa Minnelli in July. Previously, he dined at Nove Italian (Palm) with colleagues from 98 Degrees, 's brother, Drew Lachey, Jeff Timmons and Justin Jeffri.


"Herman Cain was the second in most national polls, behind Mitt Romney. Apparently, his message of" less government, more patches "was well received." - Jimmy Kimmel
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