Landry Jone Florida State Defense

Landry Jone Florida State Defense
Landry Jones has not an ounce of Florida State defense as he did a year ago, but he was sharp enough to be a leader in career passing Oklahoma Saturday, leading to the top of the standings early in one 23-13 victory over No. 5 Seminoles at Doak Campbell Stadium.

Jones won the superlative game FSU redshirt freshman Clint Trickett, who led the Seminoles back from a 13-3 deficit after EJ Manuel beaten out with a shoulder in the third quarter.

Jones graduated from 30-40 yards and four touchdown runs 380 47-17 burst in the last year in Norman, Oklahoma 18-27 on Saturday and was passed up quarterback Sam Bradford as the OU with the 8490 meters. Jones completed 37-yard TD moves Stills Kenny seven minutes remaining supply points to win.

Florida State (2-1) had not allowed a point in the first half of their previous two games, but saw that streak end in the initial series of methodical Oklahoma. The Sooners (2-0) marched 80 yards in 15 games and Jones scored on a one-yard sneak.

Seminole quart EJ Manuel had only run 10 times for 30 yards this season, but has almost equaled that of his luggage first against OU to 26 yards on an option run that up Dustin Hopkins '53-yards. Manuel has completed half of September brought to 54 rushing yards.

Soon gave strong protection to Jones Lamarcus Joyner pressure forced a passage Nigel Bradham picked off the first quarter. But FSU hopes for a touchdown ahead disappeared when Kenny Shaw captured and fell 23 yards Manual switch to the goal line after being caught in the middle of huge hits Javon Harris and Tom Wort.

Shaw was motionless for several minutes, but was conscious when he was finally put out of the area by a stretcher and sent to a local hospital for x-rays. He returned to the sideline in the fourth quarter.FSU drive ended when St. John's wort lob pass intercepted by Manuel in the dish.

Back-to-back completions by Jones, led by Jimmy Stevens '21-yard field goal with 4:32 remaining half. Manuel was the Seminoles moved until the misunderstanding that led to a walk in the old Harris returned the interception 69 yards from the metro line 3-FSU. Holding down the rigor Sooners ahead 13-3 and Stevens made to break the 29-yard field goal as time expired.

Manuel completed four passes and ran for the first time in the third quarter, but went to the locker room to his left shoulder examined with 5:06 left. Trickett, who ended August 7 passes for three touchdowns this season, the Seminoles came and took them to a 46-yard field to face Hopkins 13-6 in the quarterfinals.

Shawn Powell punt 69 yards with a penalty of Oklahoma pushed back two yards to his line with 12:57 to play as Manuel back on the bench. But Trickett is still at quarterback, where the former Soviet Union has taken its own 38-yard line sooner the next punt. After a penalty and a sack left the Seminoles with a third and-28, Rashad Greene Trickett is down the left sideline for a 56-yard scoring pass that marked the game.

However, Jones was immediately Oklahoma, capping a 83-yard drive with stills bomb, which was sitting in the opener while serving a suspension OU for violating team rules.

Trickett happen in the series that followed was deflected and intercepted by Javon Harris in the yard FSU 46 with 5:34 to play. The Sooners hit the ball on the ground and put the game away from home for the purpose of Stevens in the 31-yard field with 2:01 to play.

Oklahoma leads the series 6-1 and won the last six years, including a 13-2 victory in the 2000 national championship game at the Orange Bowl BCS.
Landry Jone Florida State Defense
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Ron Artest is renamed Metta World Peace

Ron Artest is renamed Metta World Peace
While the NBA superstar Ron Artest will be basketball in the grip of the ballroom floor to participate in this season of "Dancing with the Stars" next week, he made a major change to change the names.

A court in Los Angeles made the change official on Friday and Artest is now "World Peace Metta.

"Metta" is a term meaning loving kindness Buddhist - an option for a player known for its violent fights basketball.

It joins a long list of famous name-changers.

There are athletes and fellow "Dancing" star Chad Johnson, who decided the 85 on the back of his jersey of best fit at the end of its signature and Chad Ochocinco - 85 in Spanish - is born.

Then there's the Prince, who changed his name to a symbol.

People adapted and simply referred to him as "the artist formerly known as Prince", until the Prince again changed to dry again.

And, of course, it is Sean Combs, who had almost as many names as platinum, starting with Puff Daddy and P. Puffy Diddy 's.

Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali-known, and then became one of the greatest boxers of all time.

Johnny Cougar slowly worked his way back to the real name John Cougar Mellencamp, and only by John Mellencamp.
Ron Artest is renamed Metta World Peace
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Boise State Football Lose Three Scholarships

Boise State Football Lose Three Scholarships
Boise State football program will lose three scholarships each of the next three seasons in the major NCAA violations in the athletics department in school. Penalties scholarship started this season and run through the 2013-14 academic year. The team will also have his practice time reduced due to violations.

Football program was guilty of recruiting violations involving residential and commercial traffic allowed 63 student-athletes in 2005 and 2009.

The amounts of individual violations ranged from $ 2.34 to a maximum of $ 417.55 and were paid.

The school is self-imposed a penalty of three scholarships for the football team during the two years. Committee to add to the punishment of crimes.

"Committee noted that addressed these offenses in football had taken place during the five summers and five years and involved both the advantages and ... access to sports, "Southeastern Conference associate commissioner and NCAA committee members about violations of Gregory Sankey said. "In discussing the sanctions that the level has been identified in this section, the punishment was appropriate, and was, as you noted, beyond what the organization had proposed."

The athletic department was cited for the lack of institutional control and placed on three years probation in the study by the NCAA that focuses on serious violations in men and women and for men and women's tennis.

Athletic Director Gene Bleymaier was fired last month in 30 years of school. Bleymaier responded by installing the blue field at Bronco Stadium and oversaw the development of a football program, I-AA team that played in the Bowl Championship Series and two games to go in the mountain West.

Women's tennis has a ban sets a year and a reduction of scholarships and former coach Mark Tichenor was a penalty of four years to provide justification for future student-athletes ineligible for cash payments for educational expenses, entertainment, sessions, accommodation, transportation and practice. A student-athlete was allowed to compete for years beyond its merits.

A former assistant track coach of the men was sentenced to two years show the cause and was cited for unethical conduct in the recruitment of prospective student-athlete.

"It was a big problem," said Sankey. "I think the scope of the report shows the number of claims. They were held in five sports over five years and was included in the introductory remarks, more than 75 student-athletes or prospective student-athletes dedication. "

In response to the sanction, Boise State President Bob Kustra noted the changes made by the school to deal with compliance issues. The office now reports directly to the president's office, instead of the sports department.

"We have defended the athletics program to the extent of our capabilities in the audience and hoped that our self-imposed penalties and corrective measures would be enough," said Kustra.

"A number of decisions taken since the beginning of the study that demonstrated our commitment to the process of the NCAA. Boise State will be a diligent and prudent approach to compliance, with a new level of leadership and responsibility. violations and subsequent sanctions have left no margin for error in the future and changed the necessity of supervision. "
Boise State Football Lose Three Scholarships
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Disney Re-Released Lion King 3D

Disney Re-Released Lion King 3D
Nobody really knew Matthew Broderick can sing, back in the 90s. Yet, the point is a little 'surprising that Disney someone else to do his singing in 1994, is the "Lion King". A year later, Broderick would be a revival of the Broadway musical storm, "How to succeed in business without really trying."

"The Lion King" was the Disney film that insiders see as a watermark for the Disney animated classic, the exclamation point in the success story that began with "The Little Mermaid" and continued with "Beauty and the Beast ". This cell animation (with some number sequences) wins a beautiful 3-D classic masquerade as "3D Ling King" from Disney in two weeks editing the film, opening Friday. It is to be followed by a statement early October BluRay.

It always looks nice, with lions and hyenas beautifully designed - more a warthog, a meerkat, a mandrill and a hornbill, and other inhabitants of the African savannah. The wildebeest stampede is almost like new and breathtaking as it was when the film was new.

And the cast - Nathan Lane career had a slight increase substantially after his tour in this area, and Lane and his "Guys and Dolls" co-star Ernie Sabella was the team of Disney's largest comic - Pre-Buzz and Woody .

"As a boy, what Eatin You '?"

"NO! It is at the top of the food chain! "

Jeremy Irons is wearing a mustache in the recording booth to vote Scar, the villain. There is a spin mustache in each row traitors. James Earl Jones as King Mufasa, gave the message of the weight of history ". Be brave does not mean you go looking for trouble"

Maybe "Hakuna Matata" has become a cliché in the music, but the Jackson Five-ish "I can not wait to be king" still tickles. And the songs of Elton John "Can you feel the love tonight" and "The Circle of Life" are also part of the culture both looking tired, but still soar.

3-D does not add much - just the depth - in this film, which won two Oscars, when it is released. Wildebeest and hyena falls almost in his lap, here and there.

Once upon a time, pre-video, Disney re-released classics to their rooms for short runs, for a new generation that know the way they were meant to be seen. This makes this "Lion King" rebirth of a great tradition in 3-D or not. Some of these children were only 17 have the opportunity to make the first Disney film to see their children in a theater.
Disney Re-Released Lion King 3D
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Constitution Day Fundamental Laws Of Our Republic

Constitution Day Fundamental Laws Of Our Republic
Every year on Constitution Day, celebrating the students and teachers of the most fundamental laws of our republic. This year they celebrate Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and all other children of social media in the digital age.

Why? As we have seen, social media are good for the Constitution.

More specifically, social media is good for the first amendment, the leading element in the Bill of Rights, engraved in our national history in 1791:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or to restrict free speech or the press or the right of the people peacefully to assemble and to petition the government for redress of grievances. "

Future of the First Amendment, a new study, published today by John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, concludes that today's social media fads are good at this law of 220 years.

As a researcher Ken Dautrich explains, "'clear, positive relationship between students' use of social media for news and information, and to increase support for the rights of free expression."

Professor, University of Connecticut has four major national surveys of high school students on issues of First Amendment and co-wrote The Future of the First Amendment: Digital media, citizenship and the rights of expression in the Nations' schools. This spring, he surveyed 12,090 students and 900 secondary school teachers in the last survey.

The results are exciting.

Fully 91 percent of students who use social networks for news and information on a daily basis think people should be allowed to express unpopular views. But only 77 percent of those who did not use social networks for news agree that unpopular views should be allowed.

These studies are good to make the connection, but not so good at explaining what causes what. Social media is you make a lover of the First Amendment? Or does the First Amendment buddies just use social media for? I think it's both.

Students who use cell phones to text, tweet, blog and Google to learn more about the world - like Arab spring of this year - and the correlation between social media and freedom.

The survey this year, the First Amendment also shows students the use of digital media for news and information is increasing. Since 2006 it has doubled, with three quarters of the students for the new era of social media several times a week.

Appreciation of freedom has been enhanced with her right. Students said that the First Amendment "goes too far" declined from 45 percent in 2006 to just 24 percent this year.

But one might ask: if the courts decide what the First Amendment means, why it is important to the opinion?

As the researchers say, that the Supreme Court decisions reflect long-term changes in public attitudes - and applies to both First Amendment doctrine, because in other parts of the Constitution.

As Judge Learned Hand said in 1944: "I often wonder if we do not rest our hopes too much when the constitutional laws, laws and courts These are false hopes ... Liberty lies in the hearts and minds of men and women , when it dies there, no .. the Constitution, no law, no court can not be saved. "

Since young people represent the future of American public opinion, are the real future of the overseers of the First Amendment.

Therefore, the questionnaire on their attitudes.

This year, not all news is good. While most students now understand that the government can not censor the media in this country, nearly 40 percent of them still do not understand it. Although most students say that the First Amendment, most of them still do not.

And there is still much to learn about how the responsibility is with all of these rights.

But when the numbers begin to move in the right direction, there is reason to celebrate.

We must thank the teachers of the recent improvements in the first increase in attitudes?

Not really. The number of students saying that they will receive instruction in school that the First Amendment in our last survey. And only 30 percent of teachers say they teach, although 86 percent admit that it is "very important" in schools to teach. This is also bad. Our studies show that if you teach high school students of the First Amendment, they will learn.

I fear that many teachers are actually a hindrance to learning of the First Amendment.

The study says that most teachers do not support freedom of speech rights in schools. I do not think the school newspaper should print controversial articles. They do not think students should be post-school things on their Facebook pages. And they think for the most of social media, will hurt education.

They learn so much about freedom through text messages than they are through education? Maybe. To their credit, teachers say they think should be a lot more education of digital media education in schools. I agree.

The dawn of a new era of digital communications has changed radically in the way we consume news and information. Students are adjusting to these new tools faster than adults, they are used in networking, and news, and now better appreciate the freedom.

Perhaps we can learn something from them.
Constitution Day Fundamental Laws Of Our Republic
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