Billie Joe Armstrong For Its Punk-Rock

Billie Joe Armstrong is known for its punk-rock in search of him on his Grammy award-winning books. But it was apparently to show that the singer has received a group of Green Day started the Southwest Airlines flight from Oakland, California, Burbank, Calif., late on Thursday.

"I just kicked off Southwest flight because my pants sagged too low!" Armstrong Twitter. "What the f? Not a joke!"

Cindy Qiu, associate producer of "7 Live" on ABC-KGO San Francisco was on the plane with Armstrong at the incident.

"A flight attendant approaches him and says, 'Pull your pants up,'" Qiu said. "He says, 'Don't you have better thing to do than worry about that?' and then the flight attendant says again, 'Pull your pants up or you're getting off the plane.'"

On Saturday, Southwest spokesman Brad Hawkins released a statement saying that the airline and the pop star had settled their differences over the incident, KGO-TV reported.

"We reached out to apologize," the statement read. "We followed up ... and understand from the customer the situation was resolved to his satisfaction."

This isn't the first time an airline passenger's attire has caused problems.

In June, college football player Deshon Marman was arrested after being hauled off a US Airways flight when he refused to pull up his pajama bottoms.

"His underwear was covering his private areas, but his pants were below his shorts, so it was in full view of the traveling public," Sgt. Michael Rodriquez of the San Francisco Police Department said of Marman's appearance.

US Airways said that it was Marman's behavior that got him kicked from the flight and arrested.

US Airways spokesman Andrew Christie said at the time that the "passenger was removed and taken into custody after repeatedly ignoring crew members instructions."

Christie said that although the airline does not have a specific dress code, "we do ask our customers to dress in an appropriate manner to assure the safety and comfort of all passengers."

Marman claimed he was walking onto the plane when airline officals approached him.

"The pajama bottoms were loose and they didn't fit well," but that "only the top of my underwear was showing."

"I tried to pull it up, but I couldn't because I was carrying two big bags and I was in a line of people all moving fast toward the plane," he said.

Marman said he pulled up his pants when he got to his seat, but was arrested shortly after the pilot came out to talk to him.

The pilot asked him to deplane, after which Marman said officers appeared and arrested him as he left.
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Brandon Marine Weather New England Patriots Released Him

Good Sunday to you. As always, the NFC North teams wave news pinot. Chicago Bears made the first big splash in this round NFL free agency, agreed to implement safety Brandon Marine Weather on the day after the New England Patriots released him unexpectedly.

Weather Marine is 27 and two-time Pro Bowl player. And 'athletic career of Prime Minister, and who presumably did not walk a dead end job, which is what the Bears would seem to have with veteran Chris Harris and second-year player, the more Wright blocked from the roles.

So I think one of two things happened here:

The bears are less enthusiastic about Wright, have failed and we have no guarantee that you will re-sign Harris, whose contract ends this season.

Wright has missed more than his share of tackles this preseason, but coach Lovie Smith is always looking to provide security along young. There was no public indication that his job is in danger, but Meriweather would sign with the Bears, if he thought he would not get to start?

This brings us to Harris, who plays in the second half of last season was one of the reasons the Bears closed the NFC North. There were no signs of deterioration of skills from him this summer, but you never know what the Bears are his plans after this season.

Meriweather received a one-year contract, so there is no guarantee that the Bears could hold on him next season if they do not re-sign Harris. But a year into their system would probably give them the upper hand at least. Via Twitter, Harris said he does not know how Meriweather fit in. "I just work here," Harris tweeted.

The second possibility is that Meriweather is not all that he would have liked.

According to this theory, it would fall into the category of defensive tackle Amobi Okoye, receiver Roy Williams and defensive end Vernon Gholston - pick former first-round draft with the Bears long look in training camp. (Okoye and Williams in the final 53-man list.)

When the Patriots are a veteran available, either via trade or release of the rest of the NFL becomes suspect. They have one of the most respected in the league system for the evaluation of players and is not often that coach Bill Belichick has dismissed a player who is after his success in New England.

As Mike Reiss and points out, there were indications throughout the summer, the Marine Weather station with the team had suddenly become wobbly. He will report to training camp under questionable circumstances, he is more than many starters in the preseason, and not a great match with a greater number of armed men reportedly play the Patriots this season.

The Bears are not at their traditional Tampa-2-system, as often as advertised, but they would not be considered primarily a man defense, either. Any concerns about coverage man Meriweather will be mitigated in their diet.

From the outside, this seems a move Bears strong and relatively risk free. They made a small effort to bring the player who is at the top of his condition in the last two seasons. If he manages to oust Wright, which makes them a better team. If all you need to supply the depth of this season, have a higher than normal level of reserves should be the starter injured. And if it is a long-term replacement for projects in Harris, the Bears have an offseason not to respond.
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Residential College Of Kinesiology Majors

This is the residential college of kinesiology majors, but you can just say it's "Rockin '". Six floors to Place de Taylor, RCKIN is a home for students to study kinesiology. The program is designed to help students make the most of their first year at ASU.

Residential college program, his first year, was to create a Community-oriented health students, said student Sarah Christenson Support Specialist.

"(The program is designed) to help facilitate the university foundation and create social relationships so that students will be happy to graduate, as of late, and ultimately learn about what they will do as professionals the future health, "said Christenson.

RCKIN is part of the efforts of the kinesiology program in recent years to better prepare students for higher education. Most joined the School of Nursing and Health Innovation in 2010 and moved to the downtown campus this year.

Last year kinesiology major found his new home in the School of Nutrition and Health Promotion Downtown and joined the College of Nursing and Healthcare Innovation. Freshmen started taking courses on the downtown campus this year.

"The residential community allows us to foster a sense of cohesion," said Professor of Kinesiology Tannah Broman.

RCKIN is similar to many residential communities and on campus, as Cronkite Village and Barrett, the Honors College, which provides its residents with a network of support.

Freshman student and resident of Kinesiology RCKIN Alexa LeMay said he already knew the advantages of living on the floor.

"I always have someone to go," she said. "It's a pleasant environment, and I know that I support the school."

While targeting kinesiology majors RCKIN, a residential college is also home to students in other health-related majors. Exercise and well-being as well as students in pre-health sciences are among them.

Freshman Steven Vaughn, exercise and well-being of students were thrown into the residential college. He said he did not know if he even belonged to a residential college, but he said, be a part of it was fun.

"Everyone is outgoing and friendly," he said. "People are really connected, watching movies and going out. I really enjoyed it."
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Audrina Patridge Says VH1 Is Over

Audrina Patridge Says VH1 Is Over
Audrina Patridge is done with reality TV (or so says today). She confirmed her show VH1 "Audrina" - that had the bikini much less time and more family-splitting moments that would have suspected - will not return to the air.

With Patridge, the crew of bomb dominant reality former MTV "The Hills" has all kinds, but evacuated.

Lauren Conrad stayed away from the cameras since the departure of "The City" a few years ago. (Whitney Port left the room quiet until its cancellation in 2010.)

Heidi Montag has been complaining that the reputation is so bad, but not expected to last a long pause.

Kristin Cavalry, which was the first of these girls is a TV "stop" reality came roaring back in time to shake things up 'City' - and appears on "Dancing with the Stars" this season. Audrina Patridge Says VH1 Is Over
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Republican Lawmakers Participation Labor Day

Republican Lawmakers Participation Labor Day
As a Republican, state Sen. Pam Galloway knows, it might be uncomfortable as the rain this weekend's Labor Day parade in Wisconsin. Threat of troublemakers can not, however, prevents him from the event.

Labor rights, a thorny issue in some states, many Republican lawmakers must decide whether it is politically experts to participate in events Labor Day. Community meetings usually allow politicians to meet and shake hands with voters, who have a party. But the feeling would be different this year, when the crowd can be very vocal to express their dissatisfaction over Republican moves to restrict the rights of workers.

"I'm sure there will be people who are not happy to see me there," Galloway told the Associated Press. "But you know, I have a lot of good fans, too."

In Wisconsin, some lawmakers who supported the governor, Scott Walker moves to restrict the rights of collective bargaining are treading carefully. Walker did not attend the event Labour Day. The spokesman said the governor to spend the day with his family when it does traditionally.

Working groups are still vehemently angry about a new law, Wisconsin, according to which public sector workers have lost their biggest collective bargaining rights, and is still contributing to their health care and pensions. The measure was an unprecedented wave of protests in the Capitol, and two Republican state senators were recalled to support. Walker Hound protesters continue to chant, even non-political events.

In Ohio, where a new law this year, it also restricts collective bargaining rights for over 350,000 public sector workers. Governor John Kasich plans to issue a proclamation in honor of Labor Day, a spokesman, but there were no plans to leave amid the crowds on Labor Day parades and picnics.

One of the activities of the group still in Wausau, Wisconsin for more than a grudge against the new law. Marathon County Labor Council has sought to ban Galloway and other Republican lawmakers on Monday, a parade, but the group finally backed down after the mayor has threatened not to cover the ', event or other insurance costs.

However, even after the Labor Board reversed, President Randy Radtke received a blow to Galloway, Walker and U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy for making "anti-labor positions."

"They should be ashamed to show their faces, even in a Labor Day parade," he said in a statement. "... Let's let the whole world in March and hope that these Republican politicians finally take some lessons what it means to Labor Day."

An officer working loved the idea of ​​banning the event on Labor Day Republican.

"Do you think that would have left the American Legion Jane Fonda in a parade on Memorial Day? Not a chance in hell I was going to happen," said Marty Beil, executive director of the State of Wisconsin employees. "How is it different from the work saying:" Duffy, do not walk in the parade? "

But this attitude is not going to prevent the Congress, a spokesman Brandon Moody said. Duffy still intend to participate in the parade this year in Wausau, as it did last year, said Moody.

"We are concerned that the level of political discourse is delegated Yes," said Moody. "But it's a fun family event and it will treat it that way."

Wisconsin, the top two GOP lawmakers also planned to attend the Labor Day events. Assembly President Jeff Fitzgerald of Horicon and his brother, leader of the majority of the Senate Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau, will participate in the parade attended Randolph even last year, his spokesman.

Other Republicans planned to stay away from hand-events. State Rep. Robin Your told the AP that he would participate in a line service, if there was one, but he was not sure you want to attend the Labor Day in Racine, "because most people who go to these events are hardcore Democratic activists. "

Most of the working groups said the GOP lawmakers are more than welcome to come to their events. Sheila Cochran, secretary-treasurer at the Milwaukee Area Labor Council, said Republicans would participate, but noted that they are rarely presented in previous years, and is not expected this year.

Hinderholtz Rich, president of Racine Festival work in the area, said Sen. Vos and Van Wanggaard were invited. Wanggaard He received a civilian when he came last year as a candidate.

"I'm not sure what kind of reception to expect in these circumstances," said Hinderholtz.

Wang court spokesman Scott Kelly said the senator probably could not participate due to a scheduling conflict. But if Mr. Wang's firm Kelly speculated that he would get a reception that "I think, would be more sympathetic." Republican Lawmakers Participation Labor Day
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