Danica Patrick Drive Full Time

The deal is almost complete which allows Danica Patrick to drive full time in the Nationwide Series with JR Motorsports and the limited Sprint Cup Series with Tony Stewart's Stewart-Haas team, the Associated Press.

That will continue to lead the Indianapolis 500 as well.

All that remains now is to Patrick, and ranked the third highest paid athlete of women by Forbes magazine, is to start winning.

His third place in the Indy 500 in 2009 is the highest for a woman in the race. It is a victory and IndyCar win in 19 Nationwide races.

Patrick raced in 19 Nationwide races for JR Motorsports the last two seasons and owner Dale Earnhardt Jr. said he is pleased with his performance.

"I would like to run full time, and I'm sure you are considering, and I think it would be fun," Earnhardt said at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. "I am convinced that is where you are and happy with what we do. I think things look good for us to put something together."

Driving Indy 500 would complicate things, as the drivers spend most of May and the National Indy there are three races that month.

"And 'curve tremendously," said Earnhardt. "We had the opportunity to make a number of drivers in the car, and its performance has been quite the same level of all drivers. We started to fight, and had a strong, strong growth going, and he has really done a long way. I'm excited about what the possibilities are with him for the future. "
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"Nexus S" Retailer Best Buy

Popular searches on the Internet Wednesday is the Dow Jones Industrial Average, after U.S. and European stock markets fell on Tuesday. The Dow hit its lowest level since March, and extended its losing streak to eight days, the longest since the 2008 financial crisis.

Cellophane became even Bill passed by the Senate and House of Representatives to raise the federal debt limit, which the Treasury to avoid a default.

Dow lost nearly 266 points Tuesday.

"Nexus S" is a hot search as retailer Best Buy (BBY) is currently selling the Google(GOOG) smartphone for free, online and in stores.

Best Buy started the free promotion on Tuesday night. It will run for 24 hours ending at midnight tonight. The phone might be free, but consumers will still need to sign up for a two-year contract with AT&T(T), Sprint(S) or T-Mobile.
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New Book John Wayne Gacy

Sat Amirantes still vividly remembers the moment his secretary would deliver the message that the most shocking case of his career. "Sam, there's a guy who called looking for you. He says his name is John Wayne Gacy. " Amirante was just hung his shingle after the period of work in the office of the defender, and Gacy had his first paid by the client in private practice.

The murderer has been hounded by the police of Des Plaines because he was the last person seen with a teenager named Robert Piest missing. He insisted he had no idea why he was persecuted.

But a couple of nights later, Gacy Amirante confided: "This guy is dead. He is the Des Plaines River."

"I was the judge, jury and executioner, many, many people," he would say.

As Amirantes tells the story in his new book, "John Wayne Gacy: The defense of a monster," the murderer proceeded to describe each of the murders in detail.

"He continued, after the murder assassinated, piece by piece, burial by burial," said Amir. "He wanted to prove that what he said was true. We need to house and show us the cemetery."

As shocking as the news was, Amirante Gacy was a lawyer, and binds another privilege not to reveal anything, she said.

"When a customer comes in to talk to, is sacred, that does not disclose any information, good, bad or indifferent."

Amirante and civil attorney Gacy is not recommended to retain control of the police. But he said at the time, did not even tell his wife what to spend so much time.

"I said, I remember when Richard Speck? And it does look like the crime!"

Gacy actually recalled the killing of 34 people. It 'was sentenced to 33

"He said he has thrown five in the Des Plaines River, because there was no room in his house. He was actually planning to build a second floor of his house to keep the body in his house ".

In fact, the Amirante said Gacy once told him that he killed three people at a time.

"Everything is bigger than him, but he snatched all three put the handcuffs. He ripped off all three of them, when they got the handcuffs, put a rope around his neck. And put them all in the same grave."

After his arrest, the trial approached, long after the last victim was removed from the crawl space under his house memory Gacy began to change. Recorded interviews with staff and Amirantes Gacy in prison, Killer Show started saying he remembered nothing about the murder.
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Dow Jones Industrial Average Shed

U.S. stocks fell Thursday, erasing an early manifestation as weak manufacturing data and concern that companies could still degrade the note relief of U.S. government Credit investors controlled about a debt ceiling agreement.

Dow Jones Industrial Average shed 110 points, or 0.9%, to 12,033 in the business of the afternoon. Previously, he briefly dropped below 12,000 for the first time since late June The action Monday on the volatile market as the increase in blue-chip index as much as 139 points immediately after opening as investors welcomed the agreement of debt weekend, only to fall into the mid-morning trading.

Standard & Poors 500-stock index fell 14 points, or 1.2% to 1278 recently, with all sectors except telecommunications losing ground. Nasdaq Composite lost 35 points, or 1.3% to 2721st

Stocks turned negative after a reading on the manufacturing sector for July has virtually no extension, renewing concerns about the state of the U.S. economy. The data did little to support the investors hope that the economic "soft patch" seen in years, and the day after the earthquake and tsunamis in Japan would give way to stronger growth in the second half.

Markets were wary of the negotiations of the United States, where the debt ceiling House and Senate have been invited to vote during the weekend plan during the afternoon. Another look at the weekend prompted some legislators pact investors feared that the transaction would not be sufficient to avoid the threat of ratings downgrades. There were also concerns that the length of conversations and severity of market movements have been started to have an impact on the economy in general.

"It 'clear that what happens in Washington affects the whole economy," said Gary Flam, portfolio manager at Los Angeles Bel Air Investment Advisors. "No more [Topics debt] to go, the more headwinds in front of us. Bulls argument was [that] you have the acceleration of the economy in the second half. And 'now called the issue".

Losses in the afternoon to get their stocks to be added to the decline of the track last week, the Dow's biggest weekly point swoon since May 2010, came as investors fretted that Washington had run out of time to fulfill the obligations of public expenditure last August 2.

Healthcare stocks were the S & P 500 worst, when he said he would cut Medicare payment rates for facilities for elderly people 11.1% in the next fiscal year, sending shares of health workers has fallen . The decision to adjust the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, calls to the unexpected increase in nursing home costs this fiscal year.

Kindred Healthcare fell 31%, while Sun Healthcare Group cast Healthcare Group 53% and 44% of lost talent. Sunrise Senior Living lost 5.9%.

Merck paid 3.3% lead losers in the blue-chip Dow. Home Depot was also weak, down 2.3%.

Earnings and company reports, news headlines have been largely overshadowed by the roof of debt negotiation and the reading of the weakness in manufacturing.

"It's a combination of what is happening in Washington this morning, and macroeconomic big picture," said Joe Jennings, director of investments for the region in Maryland PNC Wealth Management.

In new business, shares in the U.S. appearing HSBC Holdings rose 2.2% after the bank reported revenue for the first half of the year that beat estimates and said it was cutting about 30,000 jobs to reorganize its global operations.

PAETEC Holdings rose 20% after the telecommunications company in rural Windstream said it plans a $ 891 million purchase of all shares in the company, which focuses on the provision of broadband services and other businesses. Windstream's shed 1.1%.
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DB Cooper urban skydiving

DB Cooper, the infamous pirate plane jumped into the mythology of urban skydiving for a passenger plane in the Pacific Northwest with $ 200,000 rescue, is back on the radar of the FBI.

Cooper, whose case remains unsolved hijacking the only company in U.S. history, has become the stuff legends night of November 24, 1971, when he jumped into the sky, the Boeing 727 between Portland, Ore., and Seattle. He disappeared for ransom, has formed - 10,000 $ 20 bills.

The case remained open, but the path was a cold, despite the hundreds of suggestions, tens of thousands of theories and discoveries in scientific research. Now, the FBI, which has already said that Cooper is probably dead, in search of new evidence, reported average weekend in Seattle, the epicenter of a story that seemingly can never die. The FBI has recently been the main issue is the first report in the Telegraph newspaper in London, evidence of Cooper's international appeal.

The tip is placed at the FBI came from a law enforcement source who led investigators to a person who may have useful information about the suspect, said FBI spokesman Ain Sandalo Dietrich Seattle Sunday Times. She called the new information the "most promising lead we have now," but warned that investigators were not about to break the case.

"With all the lead that our first step is to evaluate how credible it is," Dietrich said Sandalo the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on Saturday. "If this comes through another law enforcement [agency] that I saw when I got -. It seems very interesting"

The information includes an article that was sent to a lab in Quantico, Virginia, for testing, he said. He gave no details about the item or the man's identity.

Dietrich was on vacation Monday, after a message on his answering the FBI.

It is not surprising that Cooper, the story has generated dozens of books and at least one of the films. It combines elements of mystery (what happened ...), adventure (dropping the machine jumps to the rugged terrain ..), but above all, the romance of an unknown person get away with something to lose, and possibly enjoy the ill-gotten gains.

Reportedly purchased a man calling himself Dan Cooper one-way ticket to Seattle the day before Thanksgiving 1971 at the Portland airport counter of Northwest Orient Airlines. It was somewhere in the mid-40, between 5-10 and 6-2. He wore a black raincoat, a dark suit, white shirt and black tie. He could have gone to a funeral or a bank with its tie pin mother-of-pearl.

He ordered the Bourbon and water, and lit a cigarette (in those days you could burn on a plane). He called the stewardess over and delivered the note, printed in capital letters: ". I have a bomb in my bag I'm going to use it when necessary I want to be next to me were hijacked ..."

In the late afternoon, the plane landed in Seattle, was refueled and took off passengers. In the evening, the ransom and parachutes and transmitted to the machine for the left Rhine At 20:13, the tail of the aircraft suddenly a continuous movement upwards.
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